Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Reviews Experience with the Financial Sector Assessment Program , April 6, 2005

Financial Sector Assessment Program - Review, Lessons, and Issues Going Forward, February 22, 2005

Public Information Notice: IMF Reviews Experience with the FSAP and Reaches Conclusions on Issues Going Forward, April 4, 2003

Analytical Tools of the FSAP,
February 24, 2003

Development Issues in the FSAP,
February 24, 2003

Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP)

World Bank FSAP page

Financial Sector Assessment Program—Background Paper

Prepared by the Staffs of the Monetary and Financial Systems Department

February 22, 2005

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  1. Introduction

  2. FSAP: A Review of Common Issues and Recommendations

  3. Survey of Post-FSAP Feedback Responses

  4. Central Banks’ Financial Stability Reports: Recent Trends and Lessons for Financial Sector Surveillance
    1. Recent Trends
    2. Preliminary Lessons for the FSAP and Other Financial Sector Work

Text Tables

1. Factors Explaining Publication of Stand-Alone FSRs


1. The Number of Countries Publishing Stand-Alone FSRs


1. Post-FSAP Feedback Questionnaire