Foreign Direct Investment Trends and Statistics, October 28, 2003

Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Statistics

Foreign Direct Investment Trends and Statistics: A Summary

Prepared by the Statistics Department
In consultation with other departments
Approved by Carol S. Carson
October 28, 2003

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This paper was discussed at an informal Executive Board seminar.


  1. Introduction

  2. Recent Trends

  3. Foreign Direct Investment Statistics
    1. Concepts and Definitions
    2. Data Availability
    3. Plans to Develop FDI Statistics
    4. Resource Implications for the IMF of a Coordinated Direct Investment Survey

  4. Issues for Discussion

Text Boxes
1. Some Key Concepts and Definitions for the Recording of FDI

Text Tables
1. Regional Allocation of FDI Inflows, 1990-2001
2. Discrepancies in Global FDI Capital Flows, 1990-2001

1. Direct Investment Capital Flows, 1990-2001