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Chart of the Week

From War and Inflation to Food and Cargo, Charts Chronicle Volatile Year

An overview of the top 10 Chart of the Week blogs in 2022

A strong chart that distills a compelling visualization of our world goes a long way toward helping illustrate what's happening in the world's economies and markets.

That's why our Chart of the Week blog series features a new way to look beyond the numbers. Today's edition compiles top 10 by readership so far in 2022.

From cargo prices and food costs to unrest, uncertainty, war, and inflation, these most-read blog posts reflect the eventful and often tumultuous year it's already been.


Inflation to be Elevated for Longer on War, Demand, Job Markets  (April 27, 2022)

Dollar Dominance and the Rise of Nontraditional Reserve Currencies (June 1, 2022)

How Soaring Shipping Costs Raise Prices Around the World (March 28, 2022)

War-Fueled Surge in Food Prices to Hit Poorer Nations Hardest (March 16, 2022)

Where Are the World’s Fastest Roads? (June 15, 2022)

Social Unrest is Rising, Adding to Risks for Global Economy (May 20, 2022)

Pandemic Scars May be Twice as Deep for Students in Developing Countries (February 3, 2022)

Global Economic Uncertainty, Surging Amid War, May Slow Growth (March 15, 2022)

Lower Oil Reliance Insulates World From 1970s-Style Crude Shock (May 5, 2022)

Real-Time Economic Indicators Help Better Track Activity in Africa (May 27, 2022)