Burkina Faso and the IMF

Country's Policy Intentions Documents

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Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs)

Burkina Faso
Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
Policy Framework Paper for 1998-2000

Prepared by the Burkinabč Authorities in Collaboration with the
Staffs of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
August 12, 1998


  1. Introduction

  2. Program implementation and economic and financial developments in 1997

  3. Strategy and objectives for 1998-2000
  4. Macroeconomic policy and structural reforms
    1. Government Finance and the Civil Service
    2. Monetary Policy and Restructuring of the Banking Sector
    3. External Sector
    4. Public Investment Program (PIP)
    5. Public Enterprises
    6. Development of the Private Sector and Legal Framework
  5. Sectoral reforms and policies
    1. Population and Human Resources Development
    2. Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resource Management
    3. Environment
    4. Transportation and Tourism
    5. Energy
    6. Mining
  6. Social impact of adjustment and poverty alleviation
  7. Regional integration
  8. Improvement of the statistical base and strengthening of economic management capacity
  9. External financing requirements
  1. Summary and Timetable of Macroeconomic and Structural Adjustment Measures, 1998–2000
  2. Selected Economic and Financial Indicators, 1994-2000
  3. External Financing Requirements and Resources, 1994-2000
  4. Income and Social Indicators