Republic of Mozambique and the IMF

Country's Policy Intentions Documents

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Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs)

Republic of Mozambique
Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
Policy Framework Paper for 1998–2000

Prepared by the Mozambican authorities in collaboration
with the staffs of the IMF and the World Bank
August 10, 1998


  1. Introduction

  2. Economic Trends in 1997 and Early 1998

  3. Medium-Term Framework: Objectives, Strategies, and Targets, 1998–2000

  4. Financial, Structural, and Sectoral Policies
    1. Financial Sector
    2. Public Finance
    3. Public Administration and Governance
    4. Agricultural Sector
    5. Private Sector Development and Enterprise Reform
    6. Social Policies
    7. Transport and Telecommunications Sectors
    8. Energy Sector
    9. Environment

  5. Growth Prospects and External Viability

  6. Statistical Issues and Technical Assistance
    1. Statistical Issues
    2. Technical Assistance


Table 1.Mozambique: Selected Economic and Financial Indicators, 1994-2000
Table 2.Mozambique Social Indicators
Table 3.Mozambique: Medium- and Long-Term External Debt Service, 1997–2017
Table 4.Mozambique: External Financing Requirements and Sources, 1994–2000
Appendix.  Mozambique: Summary and Time Frame for Implementation of Macroeconomic and Structural Adjustment Policies, 1998–2000

1April 1, 1998–March 30, 2001.
2This document updates the policy framework paper dated February 18, 1997.