Republic of Armenia and the IMF

Country's Policy Intentions Documents

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Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs)

Republic of Armenia
Policy Framework Paper, 1996-1998
Prepared by the Armenian authorities in collaboration with
the staffs of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
January 22, 1996


Introduction and Recent Developments
    Economic and political background
    The 1995-96 program
    Risks and remaining tasks

Objectives and Policies, 1996-98
    Macroeconomic and structural policies
        Fiscal policy
            Reforms in the fiscal sector
            Budgetary sector employment reform
            Wage and incomes policy
            Public investment program
        Monetary and exchange rate policy
            Financial sector reform
            Exchange rate policy and reserves
        Exchange and trade policies, debt monitoring
    Structural policies
        Privatization and enterprise reform
        Legal and regulatory framework
        Environmental policies
        Improvement in economic data
    Social safety net, poverty alleviation, human resource development
        Social safety net
    Sectoral policies

External Financing Requirement and External Debt

Technical Assistance Requirements


  1. Summary description and timetable of macroeconomic and structural adjustment policies 1996-98
  2. Technical assistance requirements 1996-98
  3. Selected economic and financial indicators
  4. External Financing Requirement