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Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
Medium-Term Economic and Financial Policy Framework Paper (1998/99-2000/01)

Prepared by the Cameroonian Authorities in collaboration with
the staffs of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
July 28, 1998

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  1. Introduction

  2. Results achieved under the first year of the program

  3. Main Objectives and Strategy for 1998/99-2000/01
    1. Main Objectives
    2. Strategy

  4. Macroeconomic Policies
    1. Fiscal Policy
    2. Monetary Policy and Financial Sector Reforms

  5. Structural Policies
    1. Privatization of Public Enterprises
    2. Improvement in the Judiciary System
    3. Improvement in Governance and Fight Against Corruption
    4. Expected Impact of the Envisaged Structural Reforms

  6. Specific Sectoral Policies
    1. Forestry and Environment Protection
    2. Energy Production and Distribution

  7. Social Policies and Poverty Reduction
    1. Poverty Reduction
    2. Human Resource Development

  8. Improvement of Statistics

  9. Technical assistance

  10. External Sector Outlook, Financing Requirements, and Debt Management
    1. External Sector Outlook
    2. Financing Requirements
    3. Debt Management

Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view Tables 6.1 and 6.2.

1. Policy Measures Implemented During the First Year of the ESAF-Supported Program
2. Summary and Timetable of Policy Actions, 1998/99-2000/01
3. Selected Economic and Financial Indicators, 1993/94-2000/01
4. Income and Social Indicators
5. External Financing Requirements and Sources, 1992/93-2000/01
6.1 Debt Sustainability Analysis, 1997/98-2017/18
6.2 Debt Sustainability Scenarios, 1997/98-2017/18