Central African Republic and the IMF

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Central African Republic
Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility Policy Framework Paper, 1998–2000
Prepared by the Authorities of the Central African Republic
in collaboration with the staffs of the
International Monetary Fund and the World Bank
May 29, 1998


  1. Introduction

  2. Medium-Term Strategy and Objectives

  3. Institutional Reform, Capacity-Building, and Strengthening of Macroeconomic Management

  4. Economic Policies and Structural Reforms During 1998–2000
    1. Fiscal Management and Policies
      Fiscal management
      Fiscal policy
      Government revenue
      Government expenditure
    2. Monetary and Financial Sector Policies
      Monetary policy
      Financial sector policies
    3. External Sector Policies
    4. Structural Reforms
      Reform of nonbank public enterprises and agencies
      Establishment of a legislative and regulatory
        framework favorable to private sector development
    5. Sectoral Policies
      Agriculture, livestock, and forestry
      Mining policy
      Transportation and communications
    6. Poverty Alleviation and Social and Environmental Policies
      Environmental policies

  5. External Sector and Financing Requirements

  6. Technical Assistance Requirements


  1. Selected Economic Indicators, 1992–2000
  2. External Financing Requirements, 1998–2000
  3. Income and Social Indicators
  4. Summary and Implementation Timetable for Macroeconomic and Structural Adjustment Policies, 1998–2000