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Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs)

Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility
Medium-Term Economic and Financial
Policy Framework Paper, 1998–20011

Prepared by the Malian Government in Cooperation with the
International Monetary Fund and World Bank staffs2
May 20, 1998

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  1. Introduction

  2. Recent Economic Developments and Results Obtained in 1997

  3. Strategies and Objectives for 1998-2001

  4. Macroeconomic Policies
    1. Fiscal policy
    2. Monetary and credit policies

  5. Structural Policies
    1. Private sector development
    2. Public enterprise reform
    3. Sectoral policies
      1. Agricultural sector
      2. Mining and energy sectors
      3. Transport and communications sectors
      4. Urban planning and housing
    4. Administrative decentralization and institutional reforms
    5. Regional integration
    6. Improvement of statistical data
    7. Technical assistance

  6. Social Issues and Development of Human Resources
    1. Education policy
    2. Health and population policy
    3. Women issues
    4. Promotion of youth
    5. Employment and civil service

  7. Environment

  8. External Sector and Financing Requirements

  9. External Debt Management


Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view Table 1.

  1. Mali: Summary and Timetable of Microeconomic and Structural Adjustment Policies, 1998–2001
  2. Mali: Selected Economic and Financial Indicators, 1994–2001
  3. Mali: External Financing Requirements and Resources
  4. Mali: Income and Social Indicators

1April 1, 1998–March 30, 2001.
2This document updates the policy framework paper dated February 18, 1997.