Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Discusses the Status of Implementation of the Enhanced HIPC Initiative
September 30, 2004

Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative—Status of Implementation
August 20, 2004

Debt Initiative for the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPCs)
A Factsheet

Enhanced HIPC Initiative: Possible Options Regarding the Sunset Clause

Prepared by the staffs of the IMF and IDA

July 7, 2004

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I.   Introduction
II.   Background
III.   Possible Options
  A.   Option 1: Let the Sunset Clause Take Effect
  B.   Option 2: Extend the Sunset Clause
  C.   Option 3: Extend the HIPC Initiative Solely for Countries Meeting Predefined Criteria
  D.   Option 4: Limit Debt Subject to Debt Relief by Using a Cutoff Date
  E.   Possible Costs
IV.   Concluding Remarks
  I.   History of the Sunset Clause
  II.   Challenges to Reaching the Decision Point by Remaining HIPCs
  III.   Countries that Could Reach the Decision Point after June 2004
Table 1. Breakdown of Estimated Potential Costs by Main Creditors