Adobe Tips

The IMF website has versions 3, 4, 5 and 6 of Adobe Acrobat PDF files. There is a known problem when the version of the Adobe Reader used to view PDF files is earlier then the version of Acrobat used to create the PDF. If you find that your Adobe Reader is unable to open a PDF, we suggest upgrading to the latest version of the free Adobe Reader.

There is also a known problem when Internet Explorer 4.0 is used to access PDF files. Although it appears to be working, the PDF file will not download or open. If you experience this problem, we suggest you close the download screen and click on the PDF file again. Usually the file will respond on the second try. You may also want to visit the Adobe web site to download the latest version of the reader and the Microsoft web site to download the latest version of Internet Explorer.

Another known problem with the Adobe Reader is that it will time-out when a large PDF file is downloaded over a slow or busy Internet connection. If you experience download time-outs, please use the download method outlined below.

Any file (image, HTML, PDF, text, etc.) on the web is available for downloading to your local hard disk by right-clicking on the link of the file that you wish to download and choosing "Save Link As" (in Netscape Navigator) or "Save Target As" (in Internet Explorer) and specifying a local path and file name. For Macintosh - Option-click on the link of the file that you wish to download and specify a local path and file name. Once the file has been downloaded, it is possible to open it locally using the file's native application.

Examples of native applications:
        Acrobat Reader for PDF files
        Word for DOC files
        WordPerfect for WPD files, etc...

The following table shows best-case download times for a 2MB PDF file.
Type of Connection Maximum kilobytes per second Time to download 2MB File (Ideal Conditions)
14.4k Dial-up Modem up to 1.6 21 Minutes
28.8k Dial-up Modem up to 3.2 11 Minutes
33.6k Dial-up Modem up to 3.7 9 Minutes
56k Dial-up Modem up to 6.2 5.4 Minutes
ISDN - 1 channel up to 8 4 Minutes
ISDN - 2 channels up to 16 2 Minutes
T1 up to 193 10 Seconds

Printer Problems: the problem usually lies in the configuration of the print driver. Try setting the driver to use "print TrueType Fonts as graphic" (exact language may vary depending on the version of the printer). If the driver has a render setting, change that to RASTER. Also set dithering to "Fine" if such a setting exists. For the HP4, switch to an HP3 driver (the HP3 drivers seem to work better). For the HP5, try reducing resolution to 300dpi, after adjusting the above-described settings.