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Eleventh Meeting of the
IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics
Washington D.C., October 21-23, 1998

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Reserves, Debt, Use and Improvement of International Banking Statistics, and Data Dissemination:

  • Improvements to Statistics on External Debt and International Reserves (BOPCOM98/1/9)
Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey:
  • The IMF Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey: Where do we Stand? (BOPCOM98/1/23)
Securities Databases:
  • ISIN-UIC Securities Databases (BOPCOM98/1/15)
  • Portfolio Investment Flows Harmonisation - ISIN Centralised Securities Database (BOPCOM98/1/29)
Foreign Direct Investment and Reinvested Earnings:
  • The Joint IMF/OECD Survey of Implementation of Methodological Standards for Direct Investment: Metadatabase on Country Practices (BOPCOM98/1/11)
  • The Joint IMF/OECD Survey of Implementation of Methodological Standards for Direct Investment: Report to the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPCOM98/1/12)
  • OECD Group of Financial Statisticians: Summary of Discussions on the Survey of Implementation of Methodological Standards of Direct Investment (BOPCOM98/1/24)
  • Reinvested Earnings - The French Experience (BOPCOM98/1/17)
Implementation of BPM5:
  • Country Practices in Reporting Balance of Payments Data to the Fund (BOPCOM98/1/7)
  • Implementing ESA95 and BPM5 in UK (BOPCOM98/1/13)
  • Implementation of IMF Balance of Payments Manual, 5th Edition, in Singapore’s Balance of Payments (BOPCOM98/1/33)
Foreign Exchange Regulations:
  • The New Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law and Japan’s Balance of Payments (BOPCOM98/1/21)
Regional Issues—BOP and IIP Statistics in EMU:
  • Monitoring of Implementation - Balance of Payments Statistics (BOPCOM98/1/25)
  • Provision of BOP/IIP Data from 1999 Onwards: Summary of Responses to the Questionnaire (BOPCOM98/1/26)
  • International Investment Position: Methodological and Practical Issues (BOPCOM98/1/27)
  • International Investment Position: Harmonisation Proposals for Step 1 (BOPCOM98/1/28)
  • Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services: Status Report (BOPCOM98/1/5)
  • Concordance between the BPM5 Classification of Services, the Joint OECD/Eurostat Classification of Services, and the Central Product Classification: Status Report (BOPCOM98/1/6)
  • Implementation of Methodological Standards in the Compilation of Trade in Services in the Balance of Payments Framework (BOPCOM98/1/34)
Financial Derivatives:
  • Collecting Statistics on Financial Derivatives in UK (BOPCOM98/1/14)
  • Financial Derivatives (BOPCOM98/1/20) + Summary of IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics Responses to the Draft Rewrite of BPM5 on Financial Derivatives (BOPCOM98/1/35)
  • Financial Derivatives in Australia’s International Accounts (BOPCOM98/1/22)
  • Financial Derivatives: Framework for Discussion; Full Report on Conceptial Aspects; Full Report on Practical Aspects (BOPCOM98/1/30)
Shuttle Trade:
Current and Capital Transfers:
  • Use of DAC Statistics in Compiling Balance of Payments Estimates of Transfer Receipts (BOPCOM98/1/4)
Accrued Interest:
  • Accrued Interest on Debt Securities with a Fixed Rate of Interest at the Time of Issue (BOPCOM98/1/8)
  • Portfolio Investment Recording on an Accrual Basis (BOPCOM98/1/31)
Repurchase Agreements:
  • Repurchase Agreements, Bond Lending and Other Related Instruments (BOPCOM98/1/32)