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Twelfth Meeting of the
IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics
Santiago, October 27-29, 1999

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Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey

  • Report of the Task Force to Consider Issues Relating to the Repeat of the 1997 Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey (BOPCOM99/4)
  • Development of a Securities Database (BOPCOM99/32)

Implementation of BPM5

  • Canada's Implementation of BPM5 (BOPCOM99/8)
  • Country Practices in Reporting Balance of Payments Data to the Fund (BOPCOM99/9)
  • Implementing BPM5 and SNA93 in Australia's International Accounts (BOPCOM99/25)

Current Account Issues: Services

  • Theoretical and Practical Issues on Recording Transportation Services in the Balance of Payments (BOPCOM99/27)
  • The Travel Data for Germany after the Introduction of Euro Banknotes in 2002 (BOPCOM99/36)
  • Foreign Affiliates Trade Statistics in the French Economy, 1995-1996 (BOPCOM99/21)
  • Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services: Status Report (BOPCOM99/22)

Current Account Issues: Investment Income

Other Financial Account Issues: Direct Investment, Repos, and Financial Derivatives

  • In the Steps of the 1997 Direct Investment Survey—The Need for Clarification of the Recommendations (BOPCOM99/19)
  • The Statistical Treatment of Securities Repurchase Agreements, Securities Lending, Gold Swaps, and Gold Loans (BOPCOM99/10)
  • Global Booking: Implications of Financial Derivatives Statistics (BOPCOM99/12)

Regional Issues—BOP and IIP Statistics in EMU

  • Work on BOP Carried Out in the Context of the ESCB BOP Working Group (BOPCOM99/31)
  • Development of an International Investment Position and International Reserves for the Euro Area (BOPCOM99/28)

Other Issues