Balance of Payments Statistics


Last Updated: July 28, 2017

The Fund's Balance of Payments Statistics Newsletter was initiated in 1993 on the recommendation of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics, a group of expert national and international data compilers formed under the auspices of the Fund. The purpose of the Newsletter is to provide information on the work of the Balance of Payments Committee and on statistical developments in balance of payments taking place in particular countries and in international organizations. Its goals are, by disseminating this information, to encourage balance of payments compilers to improve their data, methodologies, and collection systems, and to inform data filers and data users of such efforts.

Volume XIII, Number 1 – May 2007 (5,550KB pdf file):
BPM6 Posted on the Fund’s Website; The Work of the Reserve Assets Technical Expert Group; Remittances: Update on Progress with Definitions and Compilation Guidance; Revision of the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services; Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey Conference in Madrid; High Frequency External Sector Data can Help Complete Balance Sheet Analysis; International Investment Position and External Debt Comparison Project; Training; A New Website for the Joint BIS-IMF-OECD-World Bank Statistics on External Debt: the Joint External Debt Hub; An Interview with Neil Patterson, former Assistant Director, Balance of Payments and External Debt Statistics, Statistics Department; Regional Focus: the ANDESTAD Project; IMF Plans to Launch a Coordinated Direct Investment Survey.
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Volume XII, Number 1 – End-year 2005 ( 2,174KB pdf file):
The Work of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics; Progress on the Work of Updating the Fifth Edition of the IMF’s Balance of Payments Manual; Inter-Agency Task Force on Finance Statistics (TFFS) Annual Meeting 2005; Data Quality Assessment Framework for External Debt Statistics; Balance of Payments Statistics and Data on Remittances: Progress Report; IMF Issues Standardized Information on Country Practices in Compiling Direct Investment Data; Country Focus: Use of SIMSDI Results—An Australian Perspective
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Volume XI, Number 1 - Midyear 2004 (885KB pdf file):
Progress on the Work of Updating the Fifth Edition of the IMF's Balance of Payments Manual; The Sixteenth Meeting of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics; Survey of the Implementation of Methodological Standards for Direct Investment (SIMSDI): Recent Developments;
IMF Publishes 2002 Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey
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Volume X, Number 1 - Midyear 2003 (65KB pdf file):
Updating the Fifth Edition of the IMF's Balance of Payments Manual; The Manual on Statistics in International Trade in Services; IMF Publishes 2001 Global Portfolio Investment Survey; Classification in the Balance of Payments and the International Investment Position (IIP) Statement of Financial Derivatives Involving Affiliated Enterprises

Volume IX, Number 1 - Midyear 2002 (3,418KB pdf file):
Approaches to Assessing Data Accuracy and Reliability; Clarification of Recommended Treatments of Selected Direct Investment Transactions; Procedures Established for Updating the BPM5; New Coordinated Portfolio Survey Underway

Volume VIII, Number 2 - Year-end 2000 (108KB pdf file):
Data Quality Assessment Framework Reviewed at an International Seminar; IMF Disseminates Comprehensive Data on International Reserves and Related Information on the Internet; Work Program of the Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics Making Headway; Estimating Foreign Trade Transactions in Illegal Russian Drug Trafficking; Announcing the 2000 Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook

Volume VIII, Number 1 - Midyear 2000 (55KB pdf file):
Countries Publish More Detailed International Reserves Data on Internet; External Debt Statistics Made Prescribed Data Category of SDDS; Training Seminars on Balance of Payments and External Debt Statistics Addressing New Needs; Compiling Data on International Investment Position, the U.S. Experience

Volume VII Number 2 - December 1999 (147KB pdf file):
Operational Guidelines for the Data Template on International Reserves and Foreign Currency Liquidity; What Are International Reserves? How Are They To Be Compiled?; New Data Category For External Debt in the SDDS; Results of the Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey; Accrued Accounting of Interest

Volume VII Number 1 - June 1999 (152KB pdf file):
The SDDS and the New Architecture for the International Monetary System; Data Template to Help Strengthen the International Financial Architecture; IMF Consultation Paper Regarding Proposed SDDS Specification for External Debt Statistics

Volume VI Number 2 - December 1998 (142KB pdf file):
Refining the Special Data Dissemination Standard; The IMF Committee on BOP Statistics - Reported on Its Accomplishment To Date; Coordinated Portfolio Survey Well Underway; IMF/OECD Survey Shows Statistics on Direct Investment Improving; UK - Major Improvements Made in BOP and National Accounts

Volume VI Number 1 - June 1998 (173KB pdf file):
Finance Statistics - Some Lessons from the Asian Financial Crisis; IMF's Training Seminars on Statistical Compilation Yield Payoffs; China's New Balance of Payments Compilation System in Operation

Volume V Number 2 - December 1997 (89KB pdf file):
IMF Releases Its 1997 BOP Statistics Yearbook; IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics Continuing Its Major Work Program; New International Guidelines Formulated for Recording Transactions in Financial Derivatives; Interim Results of the IMF/OECD Foreign Direct Investment Methodology Survey; United States Introduces New Measures of Its Portfolio Assets Abroad and U.S. Currency Flows; Recording “Shuttle Trade” - The Cases of Germany and Russia

Volume V Number 1 - June 1997 (87KB pdf file):
The IMF's Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board Linked to National Summary Data Sites; Work Program of the Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics Continuing in Full Swing; Major Trends in World Trade and Finance as Reflected in the 1996 BOP Statistics Yearbook; On the Measurement of Financial Derivatives; Canada's Approach for Recording Foreigners' Portfolio Investment in Canadian Bonds; Netherlands' Quality Control of Balance of Payments Statistics

Volume IV Number 2 - December 1996 (286KB pdf file):
A Conversation with John McLenaghan; IMF Launches Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board on Internet; IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics Maintains Active Work Program; Planning Proceedings for 1997 Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey; Coordination With Data Users and Providers is Key to United Kingdom's Statistical Work; Australia Uses Wide-Ranging Indicators to Assess Quality of Its Balance of Payments Statistics; Italy Adopting New Approach to Estimate Its International Tourism; The 1996 Balance of Payments Statistics Yearbook Expands Coverage

Volume IV Number 1 - June 1996 (233KB pdf file):
IMF Establishes Special Data Dissemination Standard; Work of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics Yielding Noteworthy Results; Countries Can Improve Balance of Payments Estimates With the Aid of International Banking Statistics; Comparing Bilateral Balance of Payments Statistics: The Case of Germany and the Netherlands; Using Interest Payments to Estimate Holdings by Nonresidents of Austrian Debt Securities

Volume III Number 2 - December 1995 (234KB pdf file):
IMF's 1995 BOP Statistics Yearbook Adopts New Data Presentation; Planning for Coordinated Survey on International Portfolio Investment is Underway; The IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics Pursues Large Work Program; United States Introduces New Survey to Better Measure International Services Transactions; Germany Implements Guidelines of Fifth Edition of the Balance of Payments Manual; France Presents Balance of Payments Data Based on BPM5

Volume III Number 1 - June 1995 (177KB pdf file):
Macroeconomics Statistics Essential to Fund's Surveillance Function; IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics Pursuing Several Major Projects; United States Using International Banking Statistics to Enhance Coverage of Financial Transactions; Italy Introducing Systems to Collect Better Data; Portugal's New Balance of Payments Data System; Argentina Working to Improve Data with Assistance of IMF and IDB