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Central America
Economic Progress and Reforms
Central America: Economic Progress and Reforms;
by Desruelle and Schipke
Occasional Paper 257
Economic Growth and Integration in Central America
Occasional Paper 243
Central America: Global Integration and Regional Cooperation



The IMF Regional Office for Central America, Panama, and Dominican Republic—About Us

Fernando Delgado, Regional Representative
International Monetary Fund
7a Ave. 22-01, Zona 1
Central Bank of Guatemala
Guatemala City
TEL: + 502 2253-5978
FAX: + 502 2253-5980

The IMF Regional Office was established in May 2006 expanding the scope of the Guatemala office, which was created in 2003. Its primary goal is to strengthen the IMF’s regional activities in Central America, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, while enhancing the policy dialogue with the Guatemalan authorities, parliamentarians, and civil society.

Central America Regional Office Staff

Fernando L. Delgado    Fernando L. Delgado, is the IMF’s regional resident representative for Central America, Panama and the Dominican republic, and heads the regional office since September 2009. In this capacity he co-leds the Western Hemisphere Department's analytical work on Central America, fosters the dialogue with the Central American authorities on regional issues, and manages the Fund's regional outreach activities. Previously, he was Deputy Division Chief in charge of missions to Bahrain and Djibouti, led technical assistance missions in financial sector issues to a number of Latin American countries. In addition, he was General Manager of the International Division of CajaMadrid, the fourth largest Spanish financial group, Chairman of the Monetary and Economic Policy Committee of the European Savings Banks Group, and member of the Executive Board of Caymadrid International Ltd. Mr. Delgado was also Associate Professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He holds a PhD in economics, an MBA and a Masters in Banking Management, has published a number of books and articles. His current research interests include issues related to financial integration, industrial economics applied to the financial sector, and macro-financial linkages.

Mynor Meza-Duering   Mynor Meza-Duering, is economist (seconded by the Guatemalan Central Bank) who joined the regional office in August 2006. He holds two Masters’ degrees: one in political economy from the University of Illinois (U.S.) and one in finance from Rafael Landivar University (Guatemala). His fields of specialization are monetary and public sector economics, as well as international finance. He contributes to analytical notes and papers; and monitors financial, external, fiscal, and real sector activities, as well as political developments in Guatemala and the region.

Amanda de Fuentes   Amanda de Fuentes is executive assistant seconded by the Guatemalan Central Bank. She has been with the IMF since the establishment of the Guatemala office in 2003 and now is responsible for all administrative matters related to the regional office. She holds a degree from Rafael Landivar University (Guatemala).

Armando Avila   Armando Avila, is the driver and responsible for security and has been working for the IMF since 2003. In these capacities, he previously worked at the Central Bank and the Guatemalan Presidency.