Diversity and Inclusion Statement

September 2020

Organizations are more effective when they reflect the world in which they operate, and the IMF is no exception. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains strong and unwavering, especially in our constantly evolving world.

The strength of the Fund comes from its talented and diverse employees. Together, we represent a world of cultures, backgrounds, and skills that can only be fully engaged if we continuously recognize and value our differences and live our core Fund values of excellence, honesty, impartiality, inclusion, integrity, and respect. With inclusion as one of those core values, our legitimacy and credibility stem from our ability to be truly inclusive, both in our global membership and with our employees.

While diversity is a globally accepted concept that refers to different people coexisting in the same territory, inclusion introduces concrete methods and strategies to ensure that our diversity becomes an advantage. Both are necessary.

It is with the above in mind that we make the following commitments:

  • We commit to attract, retain, and develop diverse talent and to respect and value differences arising from age, creed, culture, disability, educational background, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, nationality, race, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation, and other dimensions.
  • We commit to work together to make sure the composition of our employees reflects the membership we serve.
  • We commit to enforce management accountability for achieving progress towards our objectives.
  • We commit to work together to ensure that staff – at all levels and locations – feel valued, respected, and included.
  • We commit to work towards overcoming explicit and implicit biases.

Each one of us is responsible for contributing to diversity and inclusion at the Fund. The effort of nurturing a culture of inclusion is challenging, but possible through continuously adjusting behaviors and creating an environment where we all feel a sense of belonging. We must all work together to continue to build on the progress already made and to achieve the diverse and inclusive Fund that we all desire.

(Approved by Management, September 2020)