Statement on Diversity

April 14, 2013

At the IMF, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is crucial to fulfilling our mission.

As an international organization, we are committed to having a staff that reflects the diversity of our membership. A diverse staff allows us to effectively draw on different perspectives to enhance the quality of the decision making, deepen the relevance of our policy advice, and enhance our efficiency and effectiveness. Diversity thereby strengthens the legitimacy and relevance of the IMF in delivering services to our member countries. Accordingly, we strive to attract, retain, and develop a pool of talent that is diverse along many dimensions, and to leverage the diverse knowledge and experiences of all our employees. To this end, our staff diversity benchmarks remain a key element of the diversity and inclusion strategy directed at increasing the numbers and seniority of staff from underrepresented groups (women and nationals from underrepresented regions).

An inclusive work environment encourages different perspectives to be presented and given a fair hearing, and accepts diversity of thought as valuable and consequential. We welcome the wide range of experiences and viewpoints that employees bring to the Fund, including those based on nationality, gender, culture, educational and professional backgrounds, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, and age differences, job classification and religion. In our inclusive workplace, all employees at every level of the institution are valued members of the Fund community, regardless of their employment status as staff or contractual, and everyone is assured the right of equitable, fair, and respectful treatment.

We seek to leverage the proven benefits of enhanced innovation and creativity, greater productivity and employee satisfaction that derive from a well-managed, diverse, and inclusive workplace, in delivering value to our stakeholders. Consequently, we are committed to ensuring that the Fund is diverse and inclusive.

(Revised Statement: Approved by Management and the Board of Directors, June 2012)