Emmanuel van der Mensbrugghe

Director, Offices in Europe
November 1, 2009 - 2010
Biographical Information

Emmanuel van der Mensbrugghe, a Belgian citizen, assumed his current position as Director of the IMF Offices in Europe (EUO) on November 1, 2009. He obtained degrees in economics from the University of Warwick and the University of Oxford.

Mr. van der Mensbrugghe joined the IMF in 1982 and started his career in the African Department, with Nigeria and Zaire as his main country assignments. From 1990-94, he worked in the Policy Development and Review Department, focusing in particular on IMF conditionality and external debt issues. Towards end-1994, he joined the European Department and led surveillance work and negotiations on IMF-supported programs in Latvia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Romania. In May 2007, Mr. van der Mensbrugghe moved to Brussels and was the IMF’s Special Representative to the European Union through October 2008. Thereafter, he has been in Paris in EUO.