Flemming Larsen

Director, IMF European Offices
(April 2000 -- March 2005)

Biographical Information

July 28, 2017

Flemming Larsen was Director of the IMF's three European Offices in Paris, Brussels, and Geneva, and the Fund's senior representative in Europe from 2000 until April 2005. The European Offices represent the IMF in a number of international organizations based in Europe, including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), as well as vis--vis the institutions of the European Union. The European Offices are also closely involved in the Fund's dialogue with the civil society in Europe.

Mr. Larsen was previously Deputy Director of the Research Department. From 1992-2000, he had the senior responsibility for the IMF's World Economic Outlook, the Fund's flagship publication and one of the most authoritative surveys of global economic trends and policy issues. In addition, he directed an extensive program of research on global economic, monetary, and financial questions.

In 1990-92 (on leave from the IMF) Mr. Larsen was Division Chief in the European Commission, with responsibility for international monetary affairs. Before joining the IMF in 1985, he was Director of Forecasting at Wharton Econometrics in Philadelphia (1984-85), and held various positions in the Economics Department of the OECD (1974-84) in Paris. Originally trained as a banker, Mr. Larsen holds degrees from the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium.

Articles and speeches by Mr. Larsen can be found on the IMF's website (www.imf.org).