IMF Executive Board Report to the IMFC on the Establishment of the Independent Evaluation Office (EVO) and its Terms of Reference
September 12, 2000

Making the IMF's Independent Evaluation Office (EVO) Operational A Background Paper
August 7, 2000

Evaluation in the Fund

The IMF Invites Candidates to Apply for the Position of Director of the Independent Evaluation Office (EVO)

December 6, 2000

Interested candidates should send their resume by January 19, 2001, by fax, mail or e-mail to Jeffrey Minich, Financial Services Consultant to the Executive Search Firm of Ray & Berndtson.

fax: (212) 370-1462
mail: Mr. Jeffrey Minich
Financial Services Consultant
Ray & Berndtson
245 Park Ave., 33rd Floor
New York, New York 10167

The IMF, headquartered in Washington D.C., is an international organization of 182 member countries, governed by a standing Executive Board of 24 Executive Directors. The Managing Director is the Chairman of the Executive Board and chief of the operating staff of the Fund. The Fund employs close to 3000 women and men representative of over 120 different nationalities. The Fund contributes to high levels of employment and real income and to the development of members' productive resources by helping foster the convertibility of members' currencies and the expansion of trade through multilateral payments system. These objectives are pursued by exercising surveillance over its members' exchange rates and economic and financial policies and providing financial and technical assistance.

I. The Independent Evaluation Office (EVO)

The Executive Board has approved the establishment of an independent Evaluation Office (EVO) at the Fund as a means of strengthening the learning culture within the Fund, promoting greater understanding of the work of the Fund throughout the membership, supporting the Executive Board's institutional governance and oversight responsibilities, and helping strengthen the Fund's external credibility.

The EVO will be independent of Fund management and staff, and will operate at arm's length from the Fund's Executive Board.

II. Duties and Responsibilities of the Director

The Director will coordinate objective and independent evaluation of programs and policies relevant to the mandate of the Fund. These may include, for example, evaluations of the policies and operating procedures of the organization as well as the way in which these policies and procedures are implemented. An important objective of these evaluations is to improve the Fund's ability to draw lessons from its experience and more quickly integrate improvements into its future work.

Some of the specific responsibilities of the Director include:

· Recruiting independent and highly qualified personnel to work in EVO as well as external experts to assist in the conduct of specific evaluations.
· Efficiently and effectively managing the staff and operations of EVO.
· Preparing the Work Program of EVO and following internal and external consultations.
· Preparing an annual budget proposal for EVO.
· Preparing an Annual Report as well as interim reports on the work of EVO.
· Interacting with the official and non-official sectors for purposes of consultations and external relations.
· Providing technical and administrative support for external evaluations launched directly by the Board.

III. Basic Terms and Conditions of Employment

The Director is appointed by the Executive Board of the Fund for a term of four years, renewable by the Board for a second term of up to three years. The Director will hold the equivalent rank of a Fund Department Director, at the Grade B5 level, with remuneration and benefits comparable to those received by a Fund staff member at this grade. The selected candidate should be available to take up the position by spring 2001.

IV. Qualifications and Desired Attributes

Individuals from all of the Fund's member countries who meet the qualifications described below can be considered for this position. The Director must be of the highest proven competence and integrity with substantial experience and background in the management and/or evaluation of economic policy. The Director should have outstanding leadership qualities, proven managerial skills, and be highly respected by peers.

The Director will be expected to possess strong analytical and interpretive skills and be objective and independent in his or her thinking. The post requires an established command of economics; familiarity with the Fund's mandate and operations; the ability to lead, motivate and otherwise direct a highly competent staff in a major new function; and outstanding oral and written communication skills. Ideal candidates would be those who are currently working or have previously worked at a very senior level in a national administration or international organization involved in the analysis, evaluation, and/or establishment of economic policy. They would have practical experience in the implementation of economic policies of relevance to the Fund's work and an awareness of the manner in which such policies can interact with the institutional, political, and social objectives of members.

Proficiency in English, which is the working language of the Fund, is required. Knowledge of other languages is desirable.

More information about the terms of reference of EVO is available at