Issues Briefs List 2006

These briefs are prepared by IMF staff for public information and as a contribution to debate on issues of topical interest.

Issues Brief - Implementing the IMF's Medium-Term Strategy  The IMF is moving ahead with the implementation of the Medium-Term Strategy launched last year to modernize the institution's activities and governance. Proposed reforms would rebalance quotas to reflect the rise of new economic powers, while protecting the voice of low-income countries. And a new consultative approach has been proposed to address global problems that require collective action by many countries - the first such multilateral consultation has begun and will focus on narrowing global trade imbalances. September 11, 2006
Issues Brief - A Medium-Term Strategy for the IMF: Meeting the Challenge of Globalization  Twenty-first century globalization is presenting the global community with new challenges. The IMF has an important role in fostering international cooperation and helping individual countries to meet these challenges. But to do so it must remain in step with a rapidly changing world. To this end, IMF Managing Director Rodrigo de Rato launched a review in mid-2004 of the IMF’s role, and presented a medium-term strategy to the IMF Annual Meetings in September 2005. In a paper, Mr. de Rato has now made specific proposals for implementing this strategy, offering new directions in the IMF’s policy advice to the membership; an evolving role in emerging-market countries; more effective engagement in low-income countries; and governance of the Fund itself.April 18, 2006