Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Discusses Staff Papers on Rebuilding Fiscal Institutions in Post-Conflict Countries,
March 29, 2005

Background Paper for "Rebuilding Fiscal Institutions in Post-Conflict Countries", December 10, 2004

MFD Technical Assistance to Recent Post-Conflict Countries, December 13, 2004

Background Paper for "MFD Technical Assistance to Recent Post-Conflict Countries", December 13, 2004

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August 18, 2003

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Rebuilding Fiscal Institutions in Post-Conflict Countries

Prepared by the Fiscal Affairs Department

December 10, 2004

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List of Acronyms
Executive Summary
I.   Introduction
II.   Macroeconomic and Fiscal Setting in Post-Conflict Countries
III.   Review of the Literature on Institution Building in Post-Conflict Countries
IV.   FAD Technical Assistance to Post-Conflict Countries
  A. The Nature and Form of FAD Technical Assistance
  B. Donor Coordination in the Provision of FAD TA
V.   Reestablishing Fiscal Management and Institutions in Post-Conflict Countries
  A. Create a Proper Legal and/or Regulatory Framework for Fiscal Policy
  B. Establish a Central Fiscal Authority and a Mechanism for Coordinating Foreign Assistance
  C. Implement Necessary Changes in Policies and Create Simple Administrative Arrangements that Effectively Leverage Scarce Human Resources
      Policies to Mobilize Revenues
      Strengthening Revenue Administration
      Reestablishing Expenditure Management and Control
VI.    Lessons
1.   FAD TA to Post-Conflict Countries by Area (FY1995-FY2004)
1.   Real GDP Growth in Selected Post-Conflict Countries
2.   Real GDP and GDP per Capita in Selected Post-Conflict Countries
3.   Consumer Price Inflation in Selected Post-Conflict Countries
4.   Fiscal Aggregates in Selected Post-Conflict Countries
5.   Government Spending in Selected Post-Conflict Countries
6.   Financing of the Budget in Selected Post-Conflict Countries
1.   Applicability of the Approach to Other Countries