Update on the Financing of PRGF and HIPC Operations and the Subsidization of Post-Conflict Emergency Assistance,
March 20, 2003

Report by the Acting Managing Director on Financing the Fund's Participation in the HIPC Initiative and the Continuation of the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility
April 14, 2000

Progress in Strengthening the Architecture of the International Financial System
March 30, 2000

Review of PRGF-HIPC Financing and the Adequacy of the Reserve Account of the PRGF Trust

Prepared by the Finance Department (In consultation with the Legal and Policy Development and Review Departments)

Approved by Eduard Brau

March 26, 2004

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I.   Introduction
II.   Reserve Account of the PRGF Trust
III.   Status of PRGF-HIPC Financing
IV.   Subsidization of Post-Conflict Emergency Assistance
V.   Proposed Decision
Text Tables
1.   Pending Contributions to the PRGF-HIPC Trust
Text Box
1.   Projected Financing Requirements and Financing Options
Appendix Tables
2.   Summary of Bilateral Contributions to the PRGF and PRGF-HIPC Trusts
3.   PRGF Trust—Subsidy Agreements
4.   PRGF Trust—Loan Agreements
5.   PRGF Trust—Reserve Account Coverage
6.   Information on Pending Bilateral Contributions to the PRGF-HIPC Trust Status as of end-February 2004