Offshore Financial Centers (OFCs):
IMF Staff Assessments

Offshore Financial Centers (OFCs):
Note for the IMF Executive Board
June 29, 2001

Offshore Financial Centers:
The Role of the IMF
June 23, 2000

Offshore Financial Centers: IMF Background Paper
June 23, 2000

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Offshore Banking and Financial Centers

Offshore Financial Center Program
A Progress Report

Prepared by the Monetary and Exchange Affairs and Statistics Departments

March 28, 2002

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Executive Summary
  1. Introduction

  2. The Assessments

  3. Results of the Assessments
    1. Findings on Regulatory and Supervisory Systems
    2. Issues Raised by the Assessments

  4. Corrective Measures by Jurisdictions, Recommendations, and Technical Assistance

  5. Future of the Assessment Program
    1. The Accelerated OFC Assessment Program
    2. Lessons Going Forward

  6. Participation in International Statistical Collections
    1. The Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey
    2. The BIS International Locational Banking Statistics

  7. The Adequacy of Partner Country Statistics on Selected OFCs

  8. The Adequacy of Macroeconomic Statistics Compiled by Selected OFCs

  9. STA's Work Program with Selected OFCs
    1. Improving the Coverage of the CPIS for Selected OFCs
    2. Improving the Coverage of Selected OFCs in Industrial Country Statistical Collections
    3. Further Work on International Statistical Guidelines

Text Tables
1. Status of Offshore Financial Center Assessments
2. Status of FSAPs in Countries with International Financial Centers
3. Basel Core Principles for Banking Supervision: Areas of Weakness
4. Profile of Overall Compliance with 25 BCPs
5. IAIS Core Principles for Insurance Supervision: Areas of Weakness
6. Participation in International Statistical Collections by the Selected SEIFiCs
7. Macroeconomic Statistics Compiled by the Selected SEIFiCs

1. OFC Assessment Modules
2. Cross-Border and Cross-Sectoral Exchanges of Information
3. Companies, Trusts, and Company and Trust Service Providers
4. Statistical Guidelines Need Updating to Account for SEIFiCs

I. Basel Core Principles: Areas of Weak Compliance
II. IAIS Core Principles: Areas of Weak Compliance
III. 1997 Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey
IV. Coverage of the 2001 CPIS for Participating SEIFICs
V. BIS International Locational Banking Statistics for SEIFICs
VI. Tables 8-13

Appendix Tables
8. Offshore Financial Center Assessments: Sectors and Methodology
9. Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP): Sectors and Methodology
10. FSAP Countries' Financial Structure
11. Financial Structure of Assessed Jurisdictions
12. Conformity with Supervisory Standards: BCP Compliance
13. Conformity with Supervisory Standards: ICP Observance