Amendments to the Guidelines for Public Debt Management
November 25, 2003

News Brief: IMF and World Bank Publish Accompanying Document to the Guidelines for Public Debt Management

Guidelines for Public Debt Management—Summary

Guidelines for Public Debt Management

Code of Good Practices on Transparency in Monetary and Financial Policies

IMF Publications on public debt

Guidelines for Public Debt Management: Accompanying Document

Prepared by the Staffs of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank

November 21, 2002


The full text is also available in PDF format (2,968k, pdf file). Use the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files.

Also see August 2003 Occasional Paper version


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Executive Summary
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Part I. Implementing the Guidelines in Practice
(302k, pdf file)
  I. Introduction
  A. What Is Public Debt Management and Why Is It Important?
  B. Purpose of the Guidelines
  II. Lessons from the Country Case Studies
  A. Debt Management Objectives and Coordination
  B. Transparency and Accountability
  C. Institutional Framework
  D. Debt Management Strategy
  E. Risk Management Framework
  F. Developing and Maintaining an Efficient Market for Government Securities
Part II. Country Case Studies
(1,341k, pdf file)
  I. Brazil
  II. Colombia
  III. Denmark
  IV. India
  V. Ireland
  VI. Italy
  VII. Jamaica
  VIII. Japan
  IX. Mexico
  X. Kingdom of Morocco
  XI. New Zealand
  XII. Poland
  XIII. Portugal
  XIV. Slovenia
  XV. South Africa
  XVI. Sweden
  XVII. United Kingdom
  XVIII. United States of America
Text Tables
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  1. Selected Macroeconomic and Financial Indicators for Case Study Countries in 2001
  2. Survey of Debt Management Practices
(170k, pdf file)
  I. Applying the Guidelines to HIPCs
(141k, pdf file)
  I. Summary of the Debt Management Guidelines