World Economic Outlook
The Global Demographic Transition
September 2004

Documents Related to the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) Meeting
October 2, 2004

Report of the Managing Director to the International Monetary and Financial Committee on the IMF's Policy Agenda

September 30, 2004

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Abbreviations and Acronyms
I.   Overview
II.   Surveillance, Crisis Prevention, and Global Financial Stability
  A.   Biennial Review of Surveillance
  B.   Trade
III.   Capacity Building
IV.   Use of Fund Resources
  A.   Conditionality
  B.   Financing Instruments
V.   Other Mechanisms for Intensified Engagement 
VI.   Resolving Crises
VII.   Supporting Low-Income Member Countries
  A.   The Role of the Fund in Low-Income Countries
  B.   Refining the Poverty Reduction Strategy Approach
  C.   Meeting Low-Income Members' Needs for Policy Advice, Capacity Building, and Financial Assistance
  D.   The Enhanced HIPC Initiative and Debt Sustainability
  E.   Mobilizing International Support
VIII.   Managing an Effective Institution 
Text Boxes
Box 1. IEO Evaluation of the Fund's Role in Argentina, 1991–2001
Box 2. IEO Evaluation of PRSPs and the PRGF
Table 1. Participation in Transparency, FSAP, and Standards and Codes Initiatives
Table 2. FSAP Participation
Table 3. HIPC Initiative. Committed Debt Relief and Outlook
Table 4. HIPC Initiative. Status of Commitments by the IMF
Table 5. Access Under Fund Arrangements by Year of Approval, 1991–2004
Table 6. Current Financial Arrangements (GRA)
Table 7. Current Financial Arrangements (PRGF)
Table 8. IMF's Financial Resources and Liquidity Position,
2002–July 2004