Managing Director's Report to the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) -- Streamlining Conditionality and Enhancing Ownership
November 6, 2001

Public Information Notice: IMF Concludes Discussions on Strengthening IMF-World Bank Collaboration on Country Programs and Conditionality
September 4, 2001

News Brief: IMF Invites Comments on Streamlining Conditionality
September 4, 2001

Strengthening IMF and World Bank Collaboration on Country Programs and Conditionality Experience
August 23, 2001

Streamlining Structural Conditionality:
Review of Initial Experience

July 10, 2001

External Comments and Contributions on IMF Conditionality
(4 MB pdf file)
September, 2001

Conditionality in Fund-Supported Programs: External Consultations

Prepared by the Policy Development and Review Department
In consultation with other departments
July 17, 2001

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  1. Public Comments
    The Role of Conditionality
    The Scope for Parsimony
    Trade Policy Conditions
    Coordination with Other Agencies
    Promoting Ownership
    Selectivity in Providing Financial Support
    Political Economy of Reform

  2. Berlin Seminar

  3. Tokyo Seminar

  4. London Seminar

  5. Conclusions

Annex I
Contributors to Public Comments

Annex II
Berlin Seminar: Participants and Summary of Discussion

Annex III
Tokyo Seminar: Participants and Program

Annex IV
London Seminar: Program and Participants