Public Information Notice: IMF Board Discusses Real-Time Assessments of Conditionality,
April 3, 2002

Lessons from the Real-Time Assessments of Structural Conditionality

Prepared by the Policy Development and Review Department
March 20, 2002

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  1. Introduction
  1. The Real-Time Assessments

  2. Lessons

  3. Issues for Discussion

Text Boxes

  1. Programs With Extensive and Limited Streamlining: The Cases of Bolivia, Mauritania, and Gabon
  2. Conditionality on Governance
  3. Conditionality on Privatization

Annex: Streamlining Structural Conditionality

Annex Tables:

  1. Structural Conditions in IMF Programs
  2. Comparison of Structural Conditions in New and Old Arrangements
  3. Distribution of Structural Conditions in IMF-Supported Programs