Public Information Notice: IMF Reviews Progress on Strengthening IMF-World Bank Collaboration on Country Programs and Conditionality

Strengthening IMF-World Bank Collaboration on Country Programs and Conditionality—Progress Report

Prepared by PDR (IMF) and OPCS and PREM (World Bank)
August 19, 2002

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I. Introduction
II. Key Elements of the Collaboration Process
  A.. Overview
  B.. Approach to Collaboration
  C.. Staff Guidelines
III. Assessment of Current Bank-Fund Staff Collaboration
A. Coherence of Policy Advice and Clarity of Roles
B. Coverage and Consistency of Conditionality
C. Factors Supporting or Impeding Effective Collaboration
D. Prospects for Improved Collaboration
IV. Communication of Staff Views to the Boards
V. Conclusions and Issues for Discussion
Box 1. Areas of Intensified Bank-Fund Collaboration
1 Shared Perspective on Country Reforms
2 Clarity of Roles and Responsibilities
3 Involvement in Other Institution's Program Design and Conditionality
4 Perceptions about Program Supported by the Other Institution
5 Factors Contributing to or Impeding Effective Collaboration
Annex I. Operationalizing Bank-Fund Collaboration in Country Programs and Conditionality, Staff Guidance Note, April 2002
Annex II. Survey Questionnaire on Bank-Fund Collaboration