Public Information Notice: Assessing the Implementation of Standards--An IMF Review of Experience and Next Steps
March 5, 2001

Reports on Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSCs)

Standards and Codes

Assessing the Implementation of Standards:
A Review of Experience and Next Steps

Prepared by Staffs of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank

January 11, 2001

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Executive Summary
  1. Introduction and Background
    1. The Role of Standards
    2. Progress So Far
    3. Role of the Bank and Fund

  1. Experience with Assessing Observance of Standards and Preparing ROSCs
    1. Reviewing Experience—ROSCs
  1. Next Steps
    1. Direction of Future Work
    2. Ensuring an Appropriate Framework to Guide Work on Standards
    3. Concerns about the Process
    4. Fund Operational Activities
          ROSCs and surveillance
          Ensuring that ROSCs remain current
    5. Bank Group Activities
    6. Technical Assistance
    7. Publication
    8. Appropriate Pace of Assessments and Prioritization
  1. Issues for Discussion

  Text Tables

  1. ROSC Modules Completed and Published by December 4, 2000


  1. Bank-Fund Collaboration on Standards Assessments
  2. Modalities for Preparing ROSCs