Strengthening the International Financial Architecture: Sovereign Debt Restructuring Mechanism (SDRM)—A Factsheet

The IMF and the Private Sector—A Factsheet

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The Restructuring of Sovereign Debt—Assessing the Benefits, Risks, and Feasibility of Aggregating Claims

Prepared by the Legal Department
(In collaboration with the Policy Development and Review Department and in consultation with the International Capital Markets and Research Departments)
Approved by François Gianviti
September 3, 2003

This paper reflects the views of the IMF's Legal Department. It was discussed at an IMF Executive Board Seminar.

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Executive Summary
I.  Introduction
II.  The Potential Benefits and Risks of Aggregation
  A. The Resolution of Collective Action Problems
  B. Creditor Coordination Issues
  C. The Potential Risks of Aggregation
III.  Designing an Aggregation Framework
  A. Contractual Framework
  B. Establishing a Statutory Framework
IV.  Conclusion



Uruguay: Novel CAC Features in Recent Bond Issues

2. Uruguay: An Aggregation Hypothetical
3. Limited Aggregation Through Class Action Procedures
Aggregation in Corporate Restructuring Context