Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Discusses Policy Signaling Instrument
October 01, 2004

Policy Monitoring Arrangement
September 8, 2004

Signaling Assessments of Members' Policies
January 8, 2003

IMF Surveillance—A Factsheet

Transparency at the IMF—A Factsheet

Signaling by the Fund—A Historical Review

Prepared by the Policy Development and Review Departments

In consultation with other Departments

July 16, 2004

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I.   Introduction
II.   History of Fund Signaling
  A. A Simpler World: Surveillance and Use of Fund Resources—1946-1981
  B. Designing Signals—The Debt Crisis and Beyond
  C. Developing the Fund's Role in Low-Income Countries—1986 Onwards
  D. Transparency and Signaling through Surveillance—1994 Onwards
  E. Designing New Financing Facilities—1997 Onwards
III.   Summary and Conclusions
Box 1.   Use of Fund Resources without Upper Credit Tranche Conditionality
Box 2.   The Design of Arrangements and the Principle of Assurance
Annex I  Table 1: Characteristics of Signaling Instruments
Annex II  Table 2: Problems Faced by Signaling Instruments