Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Reviews the Role of the Fund in Low-Income Countries Over the Medium Term, September 10, 2003

Fund Assistance for Countries Facing Exogenous Shocks, August 8, 2003

Debt Sustainability in Low-Income Countries-Towards a Forward-Looking Strategy, May 23, 2003

Role of the Fund in Low-Income Member Countries over the Medium Term—Issues Paper for Discussion

Prepared by the Staff of the Policy Development and Review Department

Approved by Timothy Geithner

July 21, 2003

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  1. Introduction

  2. The Changing Environment for the Fund's Work with Low-Income Members

  3. Guiding Principles for the Fund's Work with Low-Income Members

  4. Implications for the Work of the Fund and other Development Partners

  5. The Modalities of Fund Engagement in Low-Income Countries
    1. Modes of Fund Engagement
    2. A Typology of Low-Income Members
    3. Are the Available Instruments Adequate?
    4. Selectivity and Evolution in the Program Relationship
  1. The Role of Fund Financing

  2. Issues for Discussion and Next Steps