The Fund's Transparency Policy—Issues and Next Steps (Amendments to the Transparency Policy Decision)
February 12, 2004

Public Information Notice: IMF Reviews the Fund's Transparency Policy—Issues and Next Steps, October 10, 2003

Transparency at the IMF, A Factsheet

The Fund's Transparency Policy--Issues and Next Steps

Prepared by the Policy Development and Review Department
(In consultation with other Departments)

September 29, 2003

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

  1. Introduction
  1. Implementation of the Fund's Transparency Policy
    1. Publication of Country and Policy Documents
    2. Experience with Deletions and Corrections
  1. Issues in Transparency Policy
    1. Implementation to Date of a Policy of Presumed Publication
    2. Voluntary or Presumed Publication Policy for Article IV and UFR Staff Reports
    3. Options for Going Forward
    4. Other Issues
  1. Issues for Discussion
Text Tables
  1. The Fund's Publication Policy at a Glance
  2. Trends in Publication Rates of Country Documents
Text Boxes
  1. Key Elements of the Fund's Publication Policy
  2. How Presumed Publication Works in Practice
  1. Recent Developments in Publication Rates
  2. Research on the Impact of the Publication of Fund Documents
  3. How Presumed Publication Works in Practice