The IMF's Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility (PRGF)

Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP)

Debt Relief under the HIPC Initiative

Concept Note
Joint World Bank and IMF Report on Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers—Progress in Implementation
2005 Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) Review

February 2, 2005

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  1. Context

  2. Key Issues

  3. Methodology

  4. Timetable

Annex 1: Joint World Bank and IMF staffs reporting on PRS Implementation

Annex 2: Key Existing/On-going/Planned Analysis by Bank and Fund Staff

Annex 3: Key Existing/On-going/Planned Analysis by Other Partners (Partial List)

Annex 4: Background Pieces Initiated in the Context of this Review

Annex 5: Mechanisms for Consultations

Annex 6: Country Case Studies