Revised Staff Statement on Principles Underlying the Guidelines on Conditionality and Operational Guidance Note on the 2002 Conditionality Guidelines
January 9, 2006

Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Discusses Review of the Conditionality Guidelines
April 15, 2005

Review of the 2002 Conditionality Guidelines—Selected Issues
March 4, 2005

Operational Guidance on the New Conditionality Guidelines
May 8, 2003

Guidelines on Conditionality
September 25, 2002

IMF Conditionality - A Factsheet

Review of the 2002 Conditionality Guidelines

Prepared by the Policy Development and Review Department
In consultation with other Departments

March 3, 2005

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Executive Summary
I. Introduction
II. The 2002 Guidelines on Conditionality
III. Review of Experience
A. Parsimony and Criticality
B. Clarity
C. Process
D. Program Implementation
IV. Assessment
A. The Extent of Streamlining
B. The Risks of Streamlining
C. Waivers of Structural Performance Criteria
D. Ownership and Selectivity
V. Issues for Discussion
1. Institutional and Economic Classification of Structural Conditionality
2. Structural Conditions in Fund-Supported Programs
3. Types of Structural Conditions in Fund-Supported Programs
4. Total Structural Conditionality in GRA-Supported Arrangements
5. Number of Structural Conditions in GRA-Supported Arrangements with Members with Relatively Weak Track Records
6. Prior Actions in Countries with Relatively Weak Track Records
7. Bank and Fund Structural Conditionality
8. Ownership and Policy Space
9. Permanent and Temporary Interruptions and Delays, 1995-2003
10. Implementation of Conditionality, 1995-2003
11. Composition of Structural PC Waiver Rates: Delayed Measures, Alternative Measures, and Lapsed Rates in Fund-Supported Programs
  Some Key Extracts from the Guidelines and Supporting Documents