Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Reviews Fund's Work on International Trade April 11, 2005

Review of Fund Work on Trade
February 7, 2005

Developments in the Doha Round and Selected Activities of Interest to the Fund
April 8, 2003

Aid for Trade: Competitiveness and Adjustment
Joint Note by the Staffs of the IMF and the World Bank

April 12, 2005

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  1. The Doha Round

  2. Differential Benefits

  3. Current Aid for Trade: Bank and Fund Activities

  4. Strengthening Aid for Trade through the Integrated Framework


  1. The Integrated Framework


  1. Update on Progress in the Doha Development Agenda

    • Agriculture
      Non-agricultural Market Access (NAMA)
      Trade Facilitation
      Other Considerations

  2. World Bank and IMF Activities to Date in “Aid for Trade”

    • World Bank
      The Integrated Framework