Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board has Preliminary Discussions on Charges and Maturities, August 1, 2005

Review of Access Policy in the Credit Tranches, the Extended Fund Facility and the Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility, and Exceptional Access Policy, March 14, 2005

Access Policy in Capital Account Crises - Modifications to the Supplemental Reserve Facility (SRF) and Follow-up Issues Related to Exceptional Access Policy, January 14, 2003

Public Information Notice: IMF Board Completes Review of Fund Financial Facilities, November 30, 2000

Review of Charges and Maturities: Policies Supporting the Revolving Nature of Fund Resources
Prepared by the Policy Development and Review and Finance Departments
In consultation with other Departments

May 23, 2005

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Executive Summary
I. Purpose and Scope of the Review
II. Recent Reforms and their Objectives
  A. The SRF
  B. Review of Fund Facilities
III. Experience
  A. Surcharges
  B. Time-Based Repurchase Expectations
      SRF Repurchase Expectations
      Time-Based Repurchase Expectations Policy for Purchases in the Credit Tranches, and under the CFF and the EFF
IV. Further Considerations and Options for Reform
  A. Surcharges
  B. Time-Based Repurchase Expectations
  C. The SRF
V. Issues for Discussion