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Street No.7                                                 Postal Add:  P.O. Box 474
Al-Amarat                                                   Telephone:   [249](11)47-2176
Khartoum                                                                 [249](11)47-2183
Sudan                                                       Facsimile:   [249](11)47-1402
                                                            Telex:       22554 AOAD SD
                                                            Cable:       AOAD KHARTOUM

          Director General:              ...       Salem AL-LOZI
          Deputy Director General:       ...       Fathy M. KHALIFA

LANGUAGES: Arabic is the official language. English and French are used in translated documents and correspondence.


The agreement establishing the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development (AOAD) was approved by the Council of the League of Arab States on March 11, 1970, and operations began in 1972.

The Organization aims at achieving the following objectives: (1) developing natural and human resources in the agricultural sector, and improving the means and methods of exploiting these resources on scientific bases; (2) increasing agricultural productive efficiency and achieving agricultural integration between the Arab States and countries; (3) increasing agricultural production with a view to achieving a higher degree of self-sufficiency; (4) facilitating the exchange of agricultural products between the Arab States and countries; (5) enhancing the establishment of agricultural ventures and industries; (6) increasing the standards of living of the labor force engaged in the agricultural sector.


The Organization comprises all 21 Arab League members: Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Republic of Yemen. Membership is open to all Arab States and countries.


The organizational structure comprises a General Assembly consisting of Ministers of Agriculture of the 21 Arab States, an Executive Council consisting of seven ministers, and the Secretariat General with a Director General and five technical departments, namely: Food Security and Agricultural Integration, Natural Resources and Environment, Projects, International Cooperation and the Financial and Administrative Department. The General Administrative also comprises the following four specialized centers:

The Arab Centre for Studies and Consultancy aims at strengthening operational technical links with international and regional institutions by providing its expertise in such areas as formulation and execution of programs that involve technical studies, training and other developmental aspects.

The Arab Centre for Training and Capacity Building has been recently established within the organizational structure of AOAD, mainly for playing an instrumental role in upgrading the knowledge and skills of manpower working in the agricultural field.

The Arab Centre for Agricultural Information, Documentation and Statistics acts as a link between Arab technologies which facilitate collection and dissemination of information. The Centre is also responsible for the establishment and operation of the Arab Network of Agricultural Information, as well as the collection, processing and dissemination of Arab agricultural statistics. Additionally, the centre is in charge of tracing, collecting and processing of AOAD literature and various Arab conventional and non-conventional agricultural information. It assembles, updates and disseminates information on Arab agriculture and acts as a participating centre for the International Information System of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (AGRIS) and the Current Agricultural Research Information System (CARIS), coordinated by FAO.

The Arab Institute for Forestry, Range and Biodiversity's main function is to train students from Arab countries and grants a diploma after two years attendance.


Arab Agricultural Statistics Yearbook; Annual Report of Agricultural Development in the Arab Countries; Arab Food Security Situation (annual); Annual Report of the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development; Agriculture and Fisheries Sector in the Arab Countries (annual); Agriculture and Development in the Arab World Journal (quarterly); Accession Bulletin (monthly); Regional and country studies and symposia, seminars and training programs (irregular); Newsletter (monthly)

UPDATED:  July 2, 2002

Directory of Economic, Commodity and Development Organizations - table of contents