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Banque Centrale des Etats de l'Afrique de l'Ouest (BCEAO)


Avenue Abdoulaye Fadiga                                      Postal Add:  B.P. 3108
Dakar                                                        Telephone:   [221]839-0500
Senegal                                                      Facsimile:   [221]823-9335
                                                             Telex:       21530/21815/21833 BCEAO SG

Office of the Governor
Governor: ... Charles Konan BANNY Deputy Governors: ... Boukary ADJI ... Damo Justin BARO Secretary-General: ... Amadou Sadickh DIOP Deputy Secretary-General: ... Mbaye Diop SARR Special Advisors to the Governor: ... Mamdou DIOP ... Tiémoko Meyliet KONE Economic Advisor, Economic Integration and Monetary Matters: ... Mbaye Diop SARR Advisors to the Governor: ... Mrs. Elisabeth DIAW ... Pascal Irénée DOUPAKI ... David Latégan LAWSON
Department Heads
Comptroller General: ... Tiémoko Meyliet KONE General Administration and Training: ... Sosthène Boureima BAMBARA Issuance, Accounting and Finance: ... Mamadou DIOP Economic Studies and Money: ... Pascal Irénée DOUPAKI Projects and Missions: ... Vacant Security and Legal Affairs: ... Mrs. Elisabeth DIAW
Directions Attached to the Secretariat General
Director of Communications: ... Adamah KANGNI Director of Information Technology: ... Abdoulaye SECK West African Monetary Union (WAMU)Banking Commission Secretariat General Avenue Terrasson de Fougères Postal Add: 01 B.P. 7125 01 Abidjan Telephone: [225]22-4563/4 Côte d'Ivoire Facsimile: [225]22-4552 Telex: 22700 Secretary-General: ... Emmanuel NANA BCEAO Representation to European Cooperation Institutions 29 rue du Colisée Telephone: [33]14225-7160 75008 Paris Facsimile: [33]14256-0037 France Telex: 650087 BCEAO Representative: ... Souleymane CISSE BCEAO Representation to WAEMU Commission 01 BP 543 Telephone: [226]30-6015 Ouagadougou 01 Facsimile: [226]30-6376 Burkina Faso Resident Representative: ... Vacant National Directions Benin Zone Portuaire Postal Add: B.P. 325 Avenue d'Ornano Telephone: [229]31-2466/7 Cotonou Facsimile: [229]31-2465 Benin Telex: 5211 BCEAO National Director: ... Idriss Lyassou DAOUDA Burkina Faso Avenue Gamal Abdel Nasser Postal Add: B.P. 356 Ouagadougou Telephone: [226]30-6015 to 17 Burkina Faso Facsimile: [226]31-0122 Telex: 5205 BCEAO National Director: ... Celestin ZALLE Côte d'Ivoire Avenue Delafosse et Blvd. B. Roussel Postal Add: 01 B.P. 1769 Abidjan Telephone: [225]21-0466/9070 Côte d'Ivoire Facsimile: [225]22-2852 Telex: 23474/23761/22607 BC ABJ CI National Director: ... Lansina BAKARY Guinea-Bissau Avenue Amilcar Cabral Postal Add: B.P. 38 Bissau Telephone: [245]21-5548/4173/1482 Guinea-Bissau Facsimile: [245]20-1305/1321 Telex: 289 BCGB 1 National Director: ... Luis Candido Lopes RIBEIRO Mali Avenue du Fleuve Postal Add: B.P. 206 Bamako Telephone: [223](22)22-3756/7 Mali Facsimile: [223](22)22-4786 Telex: 2574 BCEAO National Director: ... Idrissa TRAORE Niger Rond-Point de la Poste Postal Add: B.P. 487 Niamey Telephone: [227]72-2491/2 Niger Facsimile: [227]73-4743 Telex: 5218 BCEAO NI National Director: ... Abdoulaye SOUMANA Senegal Blvd. du Général de Gaulle Postal Add: B.P. 3159 Dakar Telephone: [221]823-1330/5384 Senegal Facsimile: [221]823-5757 Telex: 21839 BCEAO SG National Director: ... Seyni NDIAYE Togo Rue des Nimes Postal Add: B.P. 120 Lomé Telephone: [228]21-2512 Togo [228]21-5383/5 Facsimile: [228]21-7602 Telex: 5216 BCEAO TO National Director: ... Ayéwanou GBEASOR



The Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO) was originally established on November 1, 1962, to replace the former common central bank of the countries of the West African Monetary Union, which had been created on May 12, 1962, under the same name. New statutes for the BCEAO, attached to the West African Monetary Union's Treaty of November 14, 1973, were adopted by the Governments of the six countries forming the Union and put into operation in 1975. The headquarters has been located in Dakar, Senegal, since July 1, 1978. An agency is maintained in the capital of each member country and sub-agencies can be established within the UMOA territory.

On June 29, 1981, the BCEAO was prescribed by the IMF as a holder of SDRs, and thus authorized to acquire and use SDRs in operations and transactions with participants in the IMF's SDR Department and other holders under the same terms and conditions as participants. The capital of the BCEAO was CFAF 117.355 billion on December 31, 1996.


8 members: Benin, Burkina Faso, Côte d'Ivoire, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo


Under the direction and control of the Council of Ministers of the West African Monetary Union, the BCEAO is administered by a Governor and a Board of Directors of 18 members (two representatives from each member country and two from France). The Governor of the Bank is also Chairman of the Board of Directors. A National Credit Committee, headed by the Minister of Finance in each of the States of the Union, is responsible for the execution, at the country level, of overall policy decisions.


Notes d'Information et Statistiques (monthly bulletin); Rapport d'activités (annual); Annuaire des banques U.M.O.A. (annual); Bilan des banques U.M.O.A. (annual)

UPDATED:  July 23, 2002

Directory of Economic, Commodity and Development Organizations - table of contents