Financial Derivatives and Changes to the 1993 System of National Accounts (SNA)
March, 30, 2001

The New International Standards for the Statistical Measurement of Financial Derivatives
Changes to the Text of the 1993 SNA
March, 30, 2001

SNA News and Notes

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Update to the System of National
Accounts 1993:

New Standards for Financial Derivatives

International Monetary Fund Statistics Department

March, 30, 2001

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  1. Introduction

  2. New international standards for financial derivatives

  3. Changes to the Text of the 1993 SNA for Incorporating the New International Standards for Financial Derivatives

11.1.   Account III.2: Financial account
11.2.   Classification of transactions in financial assets and liabilities
A.II.4.   Account V.III.2: Financial account (of account V.III: External accumulation accounts)
A.II.5.   Account V.III.3: Other changes in assets account
A.II.6.   Account V.IV: External assets and liabilities
A.II.7.   Balance of payments: standard components and additional details
A.II.9.   International investment position: standard components and additional details