Public Information Notice: IMF Executive Board Reviews IMF Technical Assistance, March 17, 2004

Supplement to the Review of Technical Assistance, February 17, 2004

Review of Technical Assistance Policy and Experience, June 12, 2002

Technical Assistance a factsheet

Review of Technical Assistance

Prepared by the Office of Technical Assistance Management
(In consultation with the Fiscal Affairs, Legal, Monetary and Financial Systems, Policy Development and Review, Statistics, and other Departments, and the IMF Institute)

Approved by Claire Liuksila

February 17, 2004

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Executive Summary
I.  Introduction
II.  Technical Assistance Challenges
  A.  Background
  B.  Focus and prioritization
  C. Enhancing effectiveness
III.  Technical Assistance Issues in Low-Income Countries
  A.  The Fund's technical assistance to low-income countries
  B.  Partnerships with other technical assistance providers
  C. Management challenges
IV.  Technical Assistance and Training Using a Regional Approach
  A.  Regional technical assistance centers
  B.  Regional technical assistance advisors
  C. Costs of regional technical assistance
  D.  IMF Institute regional training
V.  The Growing Importance of External Financing
  A.  Challenges in external financing
  B.  An approach toward external financing
VI.  Strengthening Technical Assistance Information and Management
VII.  Conclusion
VIII.  Issues for Discussion
Text Tables
1.  Regional Technical Assistance Centers: Estimated and Planned Expenditures, FY 2003 and FY 2004
2.  Typical Direct Cost of Selected Technical Assistance Delivery Modes, FY 2003
3.  IMF Institute: Number of Courses and Seminars for Officials, FY 1999-FY 2003
4.  IMF Institute Direct Training Costs, FY 2003
5.  Medium-Term Work Program for Technical Assistance, FY 2003-FY 2005
1.  Technical Assistance Information Management System
1.  The Changing Nature of the Fund's Technical Assistance
2.  The Gambia: Setting Technical Assistance Milestones
3.  Indonesia: Successful Capacity Building and Effective Donor Coordination
Appendix Table
6.  IMF: Technical Assistance Delivery, FY 2000-FY 2003