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Currency boards
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Title: People's Republic of China-Macao Special Administrative Region : 2016 Article IV Consultation-Press Release; and Staff Report
Author/Editor:International Monetary Fund. Asia and Pacific Dept
lblSeries:Country Report No. 17/50
Title: Bank Soundness and Currency Board Arrangements: Issues and Experience
Author/Editor:Santiprabhob, Veerathai
lblSeries:Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 97/11
Subject: Bank soundness ; Currency boards
Title: Currency Board Arrangements: Issues and Experiences
Author/Editor:Baliño, Tomás J. T. ; Enoch, Charles
lblSeries:Occasional Paper No. 151
Subject: Currency boards
Title: Currency Boards, Credibility, and Macroeconomic Behavior
Author/Editor:Rivera-Batiz, Luis ; Sy, Amadou N. R.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 00/97
Subject: Currency boards ; Exchange rates ; Financial crisis
Title: Currency Boards: Issues and Experiences
Author/Editor:Bennett, Adam
lblSeries:Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 94/18
Subject: Currency boards ; Argentina ; Hong Kong SAR ; Estonia ; Currency pegs ; Markets
Title: Currency Boards: The Ultimate Fix?
Author/Editor:Ghosh, Atish R.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 98/8
Subject: Currency Boards ; Exchange rates ; Inflation ; Economic growth
Title: Discretion with Rules? Lessons from the Currency Board Arrangement in Lithuania
Author/Editor:Camard, Wayne W.
lblSeries:Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 96/1
Subject: Currency boards ; Lithuania ; Lithuanian litas ; Currency pegs
Title: Dual Currency Boards: A Proposal for Currency Stability
Author/Editor:Oppers, Stefan E.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 00/199
Subject: Currency boards ; Exchange rate regimes
Title: The Estonian Currency Board: Its Introduction and Role in the Early Success of Estonia's Transition to a Market Economy
Author/Editor:Knöbl, Adalbert ; Sutt, Andres ; Zavoiceo, Basil B.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 02/96
Subject: Currency boards ; Estonia ; Exchange arrangements ; Transition economies
Title: Evaluating Designs for a Fiscal Rule in Bulgaria
Author/Editor:Jochen R. Andritzky
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 11/272
Subject: Budget deficits ; Currency boards ; Fiscal sustainability ; Reserve management policy
Title: Exchange Rate Choices of Microstates
Author/Editor:Imam, Patrick
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 10/12
Subject: Dollarization ; Currency boards ; Currency pegs ; Economic models ; Exchange rate regimes ; Governance ; Small states
Title: IMF and the Baltics: A Decade of Cooperation
Author/Editor:Knöbl, Adalbert ; Haas, Richard D.
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 03/241
Subject: Currency boards ; Baltics ; Fund role ; Economic reforms ; Transition economies
Title: An Institutional Framework for Comparing Emerging Market Currency Boards
Author/Editor:Camilleri Gilson, Marie-Thérèse
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 04/180
Subject: Monetary policy ; Argentina ; Europe ; Asia ; Currency boards ; Reserves ; Emerging markets
Title: Lithuania: History and Future of the Currency Board Arrangement:
Author/Editor:Alonso-Gamo, Patricia ; Fabrizio, Stefania ; Kramarenko, V. ; Wang, Qing
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 02/127
Subject: Currency boards ; Lithuania ; Real effective exchange rates
Title: Macroeconomic Adjustment in a Highly Dollarized Economy: The Case of Cambodia
Author/Editor:de Zamaróczy, Mario ; Sa, Sopanha
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 02/92
Subject: Adjustment policy ; Cambodia ; Dollarization ; Currency substitution ; Exchange rates ; Currency boards
Title: Making a Currency Board Operational
Author/Editor:Enoch, Charles ; Gulde, Anne Marie
lblSeries:Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 97/10
Subject: Currency boards ; Monetary policy
Title: The Operation of the Estonian Currency Board
Author/Editor:Bennett, Adam
lblSeries:Papers on Policy Analysis and Assessment No. 92/3
Subject: Currency boards ; Estonia ; Estonian kroon
Title: Pros and Cons of Currency Board Arrangements in the Lead-Up to EU Accession and Participation in the Euro Zone
Author/Editor:Gulde, Anne Marie ; Kähkönen, Juha ; Keller, Peter
lblSeries:Policy Discussion Paper No. 00/1
Subject: Currency boards ; European Union ; European Economic and Monetary Union ; Euro area ; European Union
Title: Revised System for the Classification of Exchange Rate Arrangements
Author/Editor:Habermeier, Karl Friedrich ; Kokenyne, Annamaria ; Veyrune, Romain ; Anderson, Harald
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 09/211
Subject: Cross country analysis ; Currency boards ; Currency pegs ; Data collection ; Data quality assessment framework ; Exchange rate developments ; Exchange rates ; Floating exchange rates ; Foreign exchange ; Fund role ; Publications ; Transparency
Title: The Role of the Currency Board in Bulgaria's Stabilization
Author/Editor:Gulde, Anne Marie
lblSeries:Policy Discussion Paper No. 99/3
Subject: Currency Boards ; Bulgaria ; Financial crisis ; Stabilization measures
Title: Trade, Finance, Specialization, and Synchronization
Author/Editor:Imbs, Jean
lblSeries:Working Paper No. 03/81
Subject: International trade ; Business cycles ; Financial sector ; Currency boards

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