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Title: Toward a Framework for Systemic Liquidity Policy
Author/Editor: J. Kimball Hobbs ; Claudia Helene Dziobek ; David Marston
Series: Working Paper No. 00/34
Subject(s): Argentina | Financial systems | Liquidity | Mexico

Title: Macroprudential and Microprudential Policies
Author/Editor: Jacek Osinski ; Katharine Seal ; Lex Hoogduin
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 13/5
Subject(s): Macroprudential Policy | Financial systems | Financial institutions | Banks | Bank supervision | Financial stability | Business cycles

Title: Administering Fiscal Regimes for Extractive Industries : A Handbook
Author/Editor: Jack Calder

Title: From Program to Performance Budgeting : The Challenge for Emerging Market Economies
Author/Editor: Jack Diamond
Series: Working Paper No. 03/169
Subject(s): Accounting | Budgeting | Program budgeting | Performance budgeting

Title: Should Korea Worry about a Permanently Weak Yen?
Author/Editor: Jack Ree ; Gee Hee Hong ; Seoeun Choi
Series: Working Paper No. 15/158
Subject(s): Central banks and their policies | Japan | Korea, Republic of

Title: FX Funding Risks and Exchange Rate Volatility–Korea’s Case
Author/Editor: Jack Ree ; Kyoungsoo Yoon ; Hail Park
Series: Working Paper No. 12/268
Subject(s): Foreign exchange | Korea, Republic of | Banks | Exchange rates | Exchange rate variability | Financial systems | Capital markets | External shocks

Title: Safe-Haven Korea? - Spillover Effects from UMPs
Author/Editor: Jack Ree ; Seoeun Choi
Series: Working Paper No. 14/53
Subject(s): Spillovers | Korea, Republic of | Capital flows | Monetary policy | Japan | United States | Trade integration | Exports | Exchange rates | Economic integration

Title: The Efficiency of VAT Implementation: A Comparative Study of Central and Eastern European Countries in Transition
Author/Editor: Jack, William
Series: Working Paper No. 96/79
Subject(s): Value added tax | Eastern Europe | Taxation | Tax collection

Title: Private Information, Capital Flows, and Exchange Rates
Author/Editor: Jacob Gyntelberg ; Subhanij Tientip ; Mico Loretan
Series: Working Paper No. 12/213
Subject(s): Capital flows | Economic models | Exchange rates | Foreign investment | Stock markets

Title: Exchange Rate Fluctuations and International Portfolio Rebalancing in Thailand
Author/Editor: Jacob Gyntelberg ; Subhanij Tientip ; Mico Loretan
Series: Working Paper No. 12/214
Subject(s): Capital flows | Exchange rate appreciation | Exchange rates | Stock markets

Title: Suggestions for Alternative Measures of Budget Balance for South Africa
Author/Editor: Jacobs, Davina F.
Series: Working Paper No. 02/110
Subject(s): Budget deficits | South Africa | Fiscal management

Title: A Review of Capital Budgeting Practices
Author/Editor: Jacobs, Davina F.
Series: Working Paper No. 08/160
Subject(s): Government expenditures | Budgetary policy | National budgets | Public investment | Low-income developing countries

Title: Legal Central Bank Independence and Inflation in Latin America During the 1990s
Author/Editor: Jácome, Luis Ignacio
Series: Working Paper No. 01/212
Subject(s): Central banks | Latin America | Inflation

Title: Central Bank Involvement in Banking Crises in Latin America
Author/Editor: Jácome, Luis Ignacio
Series: Working Paper No. 08/135
Subject(s): South America | Latin America | Central America | Central banks | Financial crisis | Banking crisis

Title: Implementing Official Dollarization
Author/Editor: Jácome, Luis Ignacio ; Lönnberg, Åke
Series: Working Paper No. 10/106
Subject(s): Bank reforms | Bank supervision | Central bank legislation | Central bank role | Central banks | Cross country analysis | Dollarization | Exchange rate policy | Fiscal reforms | Governance | Labor market reforms | Monetary policy | Trade policy

Title: Central Bank Credit to the Government: What Can We Learn from International Practices?
Author/Editor: Jácome, Luis Ignacio ; Matamoros-Indorf, Marcela ; Sharma, Mrinalini ; Townsend, Simon Baker
Series: Working Paper No. 12/16
Subject(s): Bank credit | Central banks | Developed countries | Developing countries | Emerging markets | Loans

Title: The Quest for Price Stability in Central America and the Dominican Republic
Author/Editor: Jácome, Luis Ignacio ; Parrado, Eric
Series: Working Paper No. 07/54
Subject(s): Monetary policy | Central America | Dominican Republic | Inflation | Price stabilization

Title: Any Link Between Legal Central Bank Independence and Inflation? Evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Jácome, Luis Ignacio ; Vázquez, Francisco F.
Series: Working Paper No. 05/75
Subject(s): Central bank legislation | Latin America | Caribbean | Central bank role | Inflation | Structural adjustment

Title: How do Experts Forecast Sovereign Spreads?
Author/Editor: Jacopo Cimadomo ; Peter Claeys ; Marcos Poplawski-Ribeiro
Series: Working Paper No. 16/100
Subject(s): Bond markets | France | Italy | United Kingdom | Germany | Bonds | Bond yields | Cross country analysis | Econometric models | Regression analysis | Forecasting models | Time series

Title: Jobs Impact of Green Energy
Author/Editor: Jaden Kim,Adil Mohommad
Series: Working Paper No. 2022/101