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Title: "Measuring Integrated Market and Credit Risks in Bank Portfolios: An Application to a Set of Hypothetical Banks Operation in South Africa"
Author/Editor: Barnhill, Theodore M. ; Papapanagiotou, Panagiotis ; Schumacher, Liliana
Series: Working Paper No. 00/212
Subject(s): Banking | Capital markets | South Africa | Credit risk | Economic models

Title: The Maastricht Inflation Criterion: How Unpleasant is Purgatory?
Author/Editor: Bulir, Ales ; Hurník, Jaromír
Series: Working Paper No. 06/154
Subject(s): Inflation | European Union | Labor mobility | Prices | Deflation

Title: Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China: Financial Sector Stability Assessment
Series: Country Report No. 11/264
Subject(s): Anti-money laundering | Bank regulations | Bank supervision | Banks | Basel Core Principles | Combating the financing of terrorism | Economic indicators | Financial safety nets | Financial sector | Monetary authorities | Transparency | Macao Special Administrative Region of China

Title: Macao Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China: Report on Observance of Standards and Codes (ROSC) - Basel Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervision
Series: Country Report No. 11/265
Subject(s): Bank supervision | Banking sector | Basel Core Principles | Monetary authorities | Reports on the Observance of Standards and Codes

Title: Macro Effects of Corporate Restructuring in Japan
Author/Editor: Kim, Se-Jik
Series: Working Paper No. 03/203
Subject(s): Labor | Japan | Productivity | Private sector | Capital

Title: A Macro Model of the Credit Channel in a Currency Union Member: The Case of Benin
Author/Editor: Samaké, Issouf
Series: Working Paper No. 10/191
Subject(s): Benin | Bonds | Central bank policy | Credit | Economic models | Excess liquidity | Financial sector | Monetary policy | Monetary transmission mechanism | Monetary unions | Reserves | Sovereign debt | West African Economic and Monetary Union

Title: Macro-Financial Implications of Corporate (De)Leveraging in the Euro Area Periphery
Author/Editor: Manuela Goretti ; Marcos Souto
Series: Working Paper No. 13/154
Subject(s): Corporate sector | Europe | Debt burden | Euro Area | Financial crisis | Debt restructuring

Title: Macro-Financial Linkages and Heterogeneous Non-Performing Loans Projections : An Application to Ecuador
Author/Editor: Francesco Grigoli ; Mr. Mario Mansilla ; Martín Saldías
Series: Working Paper No. 16/236
Subject(s): Non-performing loans | Ecuador | Banks | Interconnectedness | Credit risk | Systemic risk | Stress testing | Econometric models

Title: Macro-Financial Linkages in Egypt: A Panel Analysis of Economic Shocks and Loan Portfolio Quality
Author/Editor: Inessa Love ; Rima Turk Ariss
Series: Working Paper No. 13/271
Subject(s): Banking sector | Egypt | Loans | External shocks | Credit risk | Economic models

Title: Macro-Hedging for Commodity Exporters
Author/Editor: Borensztein, Eduardo ; Jeanne, Olivier ; Sandri, Damiano
Series: Working Paper No. 09/229
Subject(s): Commodities | Commodity price fluctuations | Cross country analysis | Developing countries | Economic models | Export earnings | Export markets | Financial instruments | Financial risk | Hedge funds | International trade | Risk management

Title: Macro-Prudential Policies to Mitigate Financial System Vulnerabilities
Author/Editor: Stijn Claessens ; Swati R. Ghosh ; Roxana Mihet
Series: Working Paper No. 14/155
Subject(s): Macroprudential policies and financial stability | Banking systems | Systemic risk | Risk management | Econometric models

Title: Macro-prudential Policy in a Fisherian Model of Financial Innovation
Author/Editor: Javier Bianchi ; Emine Boz ; Enrique G. Mendoza
Series: Working Paper No. 12/181
Subject(s): Economic models | Macroprudential Policy

Title: Macroeconomic Accounting and Analysis in Transition Economies
Author/Editor: Ouanes, Abdessatar ; Thakur, Subhash Madhav
Subject(s): Transition economies

Title: Macroeconomic Adjustment in a Highly Dollarized Economy: The Case of Cambodia
Author/Editor: de Zamaróczy, Mario ; Sa, Sopanha
Series: Working Paper No. 02/92
Subject(s): Adjustment policy | Cambodia | Dollarization | Currency substitution | Exchange rates | Currency boards

Title: Macroeconomic Adjustment with Segmented Labor Markets
Author/Editor: Agénor, Pierre-Richard ; Aizenman, Joshua
Series: Working Paper No. 94/56
Subject(s): Labor market policy | Fiscal policy | Wages | Unemployment | Labor mobility | Developing countries | Economic models

Title: Macroeconomic Adjustment: Policy Instruments and Issues
Author/Editor: Davis, Jeffrey M.
Subject(s): Economic stabilization | Economic growth | Economic policy | Monetary policy | Fiscal policy | Exchange rate policy | Trade policy | External debt

Title: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy: The Case of Egypt
Author/Editor: El-Khouri, Samir ; Elhage, Mohamad ; Hosny, Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed ; Hussein, Shehadah ; Rached, Mounir ; Yousef, Abdelhadi Abdallah
Subject(s): Economic policy | Egypt

Title: Macroeconomic and Financial Soundness Indicators: An Empirical Investigation
Author/Editor: Babihuga, Rita
Series: Working Paper No. 07/115
Subject(s): Financial soundness indicators | Economic indicators

Title: Macroeconomic and Sectoral Effects of Terms-of-Trade Shocks - The Experience of the Oil-Exporting Developing Countries
Author/Editor: Spatafora, Nikola ; Warner, Andrew M.
Series: Working Paper No. 99/134
Subject(s): Terms of trade | Oil exports | Developing countries

Title: Macroeconomic and Welfare Costs of U.S. Fiscal Imbalances
Author/Editor: Bertrand Gruss ; Jose L. Torres
Series: Working Paper No. 12/38
Subject(s): Debt reduction | Economic models | Fiscal consolidation | Public debt | Welfare