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Title: Safe Asset Demand, Global Capital Flows and Wealth Concentration
Author/Editor: Taehoon Kim
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/254

Title: Financial Sector Reforms and Prospects for Financial Integration in Maghreb Countries
Author/Editor: Tahari, Amor ; Brenner, Patricia D ; De Vrijer, J. E. J. ; Moretti, Marina ; Senhadji Semlali, A. ; Sensenbrenner, Gabriel ; Sole, Juan
Series: Working Paper No. 07/125
Subject(s): Financial sector | Maghreb | Financial systems | Economic reforms | Globalization

Title: Global and Regional Spillovers to GCC Equity Markets
Author/Editor: Tahsin Saadi Sedik ; Oral Williams
Series: Working Paper No. 11/138
Subject(s): Economic models | External shocks | Regional shocks | Spillovers | Stock markets

Title: A Barrel of Oil or a Bottle of Wine : How Do Global Growth Dynamics Affect Commodity Prices?
Author/Editor: Tahsin Saadi Sedik ; Serhan Cevik
Series: Working Paper No. 11/1
Subject(s): Agricultural commodities | Agricultural prices | Commodity prices | Economic growth | Emerging markets | Oil | Oil prices | Oil sector

Title: Effects of Capital Flow Liberalization : What is the Evidence from Recent Experiences of Emerging Market Economies?
Author/Editor: Tahsin Saadi Sedik ; Tao Sun
Series: Working Paper No. 12/275
Subject(s): Capital flows | China | Emerging markets | Capital account liberalization

Title: Pandemics and Automation: Will the Lost Jobs Come Back?
Author/Editor: Tahsin Saadi Sedik,Jiae Yoo
Series: Working Paper No. 2021/011

Title: A Vicious Cycle: How Pandemics Lead to Economic Despair and Social Unrest
Author/Editor: Tahsin Saadi Sedik,Rui Xu
Series: Working Paper No. 20/216

Title: Deflation : Determinants, Risks, and Policy Options
Author/Editor: Taimur Baig ; Jörg Decressin ; Tarhan Feyzioglu ; Manmohan S. Kumar ; Chris Faulkner-MacDonagh
Series: Occasional Paper No. 221

Title: Value-Added Tax: Administrative and Policy Issues
Author/Editor: Tait, Alan
Series: Occasional Paper No. 88
Subject(s): Value added tax | Tax administration

Title: Value Added Tax: International Practice and Problems
Author/Editor: Tait, Alan A.
Subject(s): Value added tax

Title: Excess Wages Tax
Author/Editor: Tait, Alan A. ; Erbas, S. Nuri
Series: Working Paper No. 95/17
Subject(s): Wages | Taxes | Inflation | Income | Wage restraint | Incomes policy | Economic models

Title: Japan's Restrictive System of Trade and Payments - Operation, Effectiveness, and Liberalization, 1950-1964
Author/Editor: Takagi, Shinji
Series: Working Paper No. 97/111
Subject(s): Trade policy | Japan | Trade liberalization | Exchange restrictions | Exchange restrictions

Title: Exchange Rate Movements and Tradable Goods Prices in East Asia - An Analysis Based on Japanese Customs Data, 1988-98
Author/Editor: Takagi, Shinji ; Yoshida, Yushi
Series: Working Paper No. 99/31
Subject(s): Exchange rates | Asia | Japan | Prices | Trade

Title: A Theory of "Crying Wolf": The Economics of Money Laundering Enforcement
Author/Editor: Takáts, Elöd
Series: Working Paper No. 07/81
Subject(s): Anti-money laundering | United States | Bank supervision | Transparency | Economic models

Title: Australian Bank and Corporate Sector Vulnerabilities--An International Perspective
Author/Editor: Takáts, Elöd ; Tumbarello, Patrizia
Series: Working Paper No. 09/223
Subject(s): Australia | Banking sector | Banks | Corporate sector | Credit risk | Cross country analysis | Financial assets | Financial soundness indicators | Loans | Private sector | Risk management

Title: Job-Specific Investment and the Cost of Dismissal Restrictions--The Case of Portugal
Author/Editor: Takizawa, H.
Series: Working Paper No. 03/75
Subject(s): Labor market policy | Portugal | Labor productivity | Consumption | Investment | Budget estimates | Economic models

Title: Are Developing Countries Better Off Spending their Oil Wealth Upfront?
Author/Editor: Takizawa, H. ; Gardner, E. H. ; Ueda, Kenichi
Series: Working Paper No. 04/141
Subject(s): Fiscal policy | Developing countries | Public investment | Oil revenues | Economic growth | Economic models

Title: Improving Public Infrastructure in the Philippines
Author/Editor: Takuji Komatsuzaki
Series: Working Paper No. 16/39
Subject(s): Infrastructure | Philippines | Public investment | Government expenditures | Econometric models

Title: Financial Conditions and Growth at Risk in the ECCU
Author/Editor: Takuji Komatsuzaki,Steve Brito
Series: Working Paper No. 19/247

Title: Distributional Effects of Tax Reforms in Japan
Author/Editor: Takuma Hisanaga
Series: Working Paper No. 2022/150