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Title: Global Imbalances and Financial Stability
Author/Editor: Xafa, Miranda
Series: Working Paper No. 07/111
Subject(s): Balance of payments | Current account balances | Adjustment process | United States | Globalization

Title: The European Community's Trade and Trade-Related Industrial Policies
Author/Editor: Xafa, Miranda ; Kronenberg, Roger P. ; Landell-Mills, Joslin
Series: Working Paper No. 92/94
Subject(s): Trade policy | European Community | Industrial policy | Industrial trade | Multilateral trade negotiations | Antidumping

Title: Democratic Accountability, Deficit Bias, and Independent Fiscal Agencies
Author/Editor: Xavier Debrun
Series: Working Paper No. 11/173
Subject(s): Budget deficits | Budgetary policy | Central bank autonomy

Title: That Squeezing Feeling : The Interest Burden and Public Debt Stabilization
Author/Editor: Xavier Debrun ; Tidiane Kinda
Series: Working Paper No. 13/125
Subject(s): Public debt | Debt burden | Interest rates | Fiscal consolidation | Government expenditures

Title: Strengthening Post-Crisis Fiscal Credibility: Fiscal Councils on the Rise — A New Dataset
Author/Editor: Xavier Debrun ; Tidiane Kinda
Series: Working Paper No. 14/58
Subject(s): Fiscal policy | Fiscal management | Cross country analysis | Economic models

Title: The Effects of Higher Bank Capital Requirements on Credit in Peru
Author/Editor: Xiang Fang,David Jutrsa,Maria Soledad Martinez Peria,Andrea Presbitero,Lev Ratnovski,Felix J Vardy
Series: Working Paper No. 18/222

Title: The Economic Consequences of Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa
Author/Editor: Xiangming Fang,Siddharth Kothari,Cameron McLoughlin,Mustafa Yenice
Series: Working Paper No. 20/221

Title: French Banks Amid the Global Financial Crisis
Author/Editor: Xiao, Yingbin
Series: Working Paper No. 09/201
Subject(s): Asset management | Bank restructuring | Bank soundness | Bank supervision | Banking sector | Business cycles | Corporate sector | Credit risk | Financial crisis | Financial instruments | France | Liquidity management | Profits | Risk management

Title: Composition of Trade in Latin America and the Caribbean
Author/Editor: Xiaodan Ding,Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov
Series: Working Paper No. 17/42

Title: A Framework for Systemwide Liquidity Analysis
Author/Editor: Xiaodan Ding,Dimitrios Laliotis,Priscilla Toffano
Series: Working Paper No. 2024/104

Title: The Global Bank Stress Test
Author/Editor: Xiaodan Ding,Marco Gross,Ivo Krznar,Fabian Lipinsky,Pavel Lukyantsau,Thierry Tressel
Series: Departmental Paper No 2022/009

Title: Mortgage Market Development, Savings, and Growth
Author/Editor: Xiaowei Li
Series: Working Paper No. 01/36
Subject(s): Economic growth | Economic models | Capital | Savings | Middle East

Title: To "B" or not to "B": A Welfare Analysis of Breaking Up Monopolies in an Endogenous Growth Model
Author/Editor: Xie, Danyang
Series: Working Paper No. 00/189
Subject(s): Economic growth | Economic models

Title: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Framework of Investment with Financing Constraint
Author/Editor: Xie, Danyang ; Yuen, Chi-Wa
Series: Working Paper No. 02/41
Subject(s): Investment policy | Capital markets | Financial crisis | Economic models

Title: External Financing Dependence and Corporate Saving in ASEAN5
Author/Editor: Xin Li
Series: Working Paper No. 20/223

Title: Too Much of a Good Thing? Prudent Management of Inflows under Economic Citizenship Programs
Author/Editor: Xin Xu ; Ahmed El-Ashram ; Judith Gold
Series: Working Paper No. 15/93
Subject(s): Dutch disease | St. Kitts and Nevis

Title: Tax Policy Implications in Endogenous Growth Models
Author/Editor: Xu, Bin
Series: Working Paper No. 94/38
Subject(s): Tax policy | Taxation | Economic growth | Economic models

Title: Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Strategies: The Gambia
Author/Editor: Xuehui Han,Koralai Kirabaeva
Series: Selected Issues Paper No. 2024/005

Title: Fiscal Anatomy of Two Crises and an Interlude
Author/Editor: Xuehui Han,Paolo Mauro,John Ralyea
Series: Working Paper No. 2023/117

Title: Assessing the Impact of Business Closures on COVID-19 Outcomes
Author/Editor: Xuequan Elsie Peng,Chima Simpson-Bell
Series: Working Paper No. 2022/139