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Title: Yemen in the 1990s : From Unification to Economic Reform
Author/Editor: Nada Choueiri ; Klaus-Stefan Enders ; Yuri Vladimirovich Sobolev ; Jan Walliser ; Sherwyn Williams
Series: Occasional Paper No. 208

Title: Yemen: Exchange Rate Policy in the Face of Dwindling Oil Exports
Author/Editor: Chami, Saade ; Ahmed, Faisal ; Ben Ltaifa, Nabil ; Schneider, Todd
Series: Working Paper No. 07/5
Subject(s): Exchange rate policy | Yemen, Republic of | Oil exports

Title: Yen Bloc or Yuan Bloc: An Analysis of Currency Arrangements in East Asia
Author/Editor: Shirono, Kazuko
Series: Working Paper No. 09/3
Subject(s): Exchange rate regimes | East Asia | Japan | China, People's Republic of | Currencies | Monetary unions | Trade | Economic cooperation | Economic models | Trade models | Data analysis

Title: The Yen-Dollar Rate - Have Interventions Mattered?
Author/Editor: Ramaswamy, Ramana ; Samiei, Hossein
Series: Working Paper No. 00/95
Subject(s): Exchange rates | Japanese yen | U.S. dollar | Intervention | Economic models

Title: The Yield Curve and Real Activity
Author/Editor: Hu, Zuliu
Series: Working Paper No. 93/19
Subject(s): Interest rates | Bond markets | Economic models

Title: Yield Curve Dynamics and Spillovers in Central and Eastern European Countries
Author/Editor: Hoffmaister, Alexander W. ; Roldos, Jorge ; Tuladhar, Anita
Series: Working Paper No. 10/51
Subject(s): Central and Eastern Europe | Cross country analysis | Economic integration | Economic models | International bond markets | Regional shocks | Spillovers

Title: Yield Spread as a Leading Indicator of Real Economic Activity-- An Empirical Exercise on the Indian Economy
Author/Editor: Kanagasabapathy, K. ; Goyal, Rajan
Series: Working Paper No. 02/91
Subject(s): Market interest rates | India | Industrial production | Capital markets | Bonds

Title: You Never Give Me Your Money? Sovereign Debt Crises, Collective Action Problems, and IMF Lending
Author/Editor: Marco Committeri ; Francesco Spadafora
Series: Working Paper No. 13/20
Subject(s): Sovereign debt | Financial crisis | Concessional aid | Fund role | Collective action clauses | Debt restructuring

Title: You Say You Want A Revolution: Information Technology and Growth
Author/Editor: Haacker, Markus ; Morsink, James
Series: Working Paper No. 02/70
Subject(s): Economic growth | Information technology

Title: Youth Unemployment in Advanced Economies in Europe: Searching for Solutions
Author/Editor: Angana Banerji ; Sergejs Saksonovs ; Hannah Huidan Lin ; Rodolphe Blavy
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 14/11
Subject(s): Unemployment | Europe | Euro Area | Labor markets | Labor market characteristics | Business cycles | Labor market policy | Developed countries

Title: Youth Unemployment in Advanced Europe: Okun’s Law and Beyond
Author/Editor: Angana Banerji ; Hannah Huidan Lin ; Sergejs Saksonovs
Series: Working Paper No. 15/5
Subject(s): Unemployment | Europe | Euro Area | Labor market characteristics | Labor market institutions | Migrations | Business cycles | Developed countries

Title: Yugoslav Inflation and Money
Author/Editor: Lahiri, Ashok
Series: Working Paper No. 91/50
Subject(s): Inflation | Yugoslavia | Demand for money

Title: Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Second Post-Program Monitoring Discussions
Series: Country Report No. 14/62
Subject(s): Post-program monitoring | Fiscal policy | Monetary policy | Debt sustainability analysis | Staff Reports | Press releases | former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYR Macedonia)