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Title: Investing in Public Investment : An Index of Public Investment Efficiency
Author/Editor: Zac Mills ; Annette Kyobe ; Jim Brumby ; Chris Papageorgiou ; Era Dabla-Norris
Series: Working Paper No. 11/37
Subject(s): Asset management | Financial management | Infrastructure | Low-income developing countries | Public investment

Title: Fiscal Coverage in the Countries of the Middle East and Central Asia: Current Situation and a Way Forward
Author/Editor: Zakharova, Daria
Series: Working Paper No. 08/111
Subject(s): Central Asia | Middle East | Government finance statistics | Fiscal transparency | Public sector | Public enterprises | Government accounting

Title: One-Size-Fits-One: Tailor-Made Fiscal Responses to Capital Flows
Author/Editor: Zakharova, Daria
Series: Working Paper No. 08/269
Subject(s): Fiscal policy | Capital flows | Capital inflows | Capital account | Capital account | Current account deficits

Title: Enterprise Restructuring and Transition: Evidence from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Author/Editor: Zalduendo, Juan
Series: Working Paper No. 03/136
Subject(s): Privatization | Macedonia, FYR | Transition economies | Macedonia, former Yugoslav Republic of

Title: Pace and Sequencing of Economic Policies
Author/Editor: Zalduendo, Juan
Series: Working Paper No. 05/118
Subject(s): Economic growth | Economic policy

Title: Determinants of Venezuela's Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate
Author/Editor: Zalduendo, Juan
Series: Working Paper No. 06/74
Subject(s): Real effective exchange rates | Venezuela, Republica Bolivariana de | Oil prices | Foreign exchange | Exchange control measures | Exchange markets | Venezuela, República Bolivariana de

Title: Bivariate Assessments of Real Exchange Rates Using PPP Data
Author/Editor: Zalduendo, Juan
Series: Working Paper No. 08/153
Subject(s): Exchange rates | Purchasing power parity | Prices

Title: Can the IMF's Medium-Term Growth Projections Be Improved?
Author/Editor: Zalduendo, Juan ; Batista, Catia
Series: Working Paper No. 04/203
Subject(s): Economic growth | Forecasting models

Title: A User Manual for the DIGNAD Toolkit
Author/Editor: Zamid Aligishiev,Cian Ruane,Azar Sultanov
Series: Technical Notes and Manuals No. 2023/003

Title: Macro-Fiscal Implications of Adaptation to Climate Change
Author/Editor: Zamid Aligishiev,Emanuele Massetti,Matthieu Bellon
Series: Staff Climate Note No 2022/002

Title: DIGNAR-19 Toolkit Manual
Author/Editor: Zamid Aligishiev,Giovanni Melina,Luis-Felipe Zanna
Series: Technical Notes and Manuals No. 2021/007

Title: A Primer on the IMF's Information Notice System
Author/Editor: Zanello, Alessandro ; Desruelle, Dominique
Series: Working Paper No. 97/71
Subject(s): Real effective exchange rates | Fund

Title: Re-Accessing International Capital Markets after Financial Crises: Some Empirical Evidence
Author/Editor: Zanforlin, L.
Series: Working Paper No. 07/136
Subject(s): Sovereign debt | Developing countries | Financial crisis | International capital markets

Title: Are African Current Account Deficits Different? Stylized Facts, Transitory Shocks, and Decomposition Analysis
Author/Editor: Zanforlin, L. ; Chong, Alberto ; Calderón, César
Series: Working Paper No. 01/4
Subject(s): Current account deficits | Africa | Economic models | China, People's Republic of

Title: Housing Finance and Mortgage-Backed Securities in Mexico
Author/Editor: Zanforlin, L. ; Espinosa-Vega, Marco
Series: Working Paper No. 08/105
Subject(s): Mexico | Housing | Loans | Securities markets

Title: Recent Economic Developments, Prospects, and Progress in Institution Building in the West Bank and Gaza Strip
Author/Editor: Zavadjil, Milan
Subject(s): Article IV consultations | Economic conditions | Recent Economic Developments Reports | West Bank and Gaza Strip

Title: Can the Neoclassical Model Explain the Distribution of Foreign Direct Investment Across Developing Countries?
Author/Editor: Zebregs, Harm
Series: Working Paper No. 98/139
Subject(s): Foreign direct investment | Developing countries | Economic models

Title: Long-Term International Capital Movements and Technology - A Review
Author/Editor: Zebregs, Harm
Series: Working Paper No. 99/126
Subject(s): Capital flows | Economic growth | Economic models

Title: Intraregional Trade in Emerging Asia
Author/Editor: Zebregs, Harm
Series: Policy Discussion Paper No. 04/1
Subject(s): Trade | Asia | Emerging markets

Title: The Dynamics of Provincial Growth in China: A Nonparametric Approach
Author/Editor: Zebregs, Harm ; Unel, Bulent
Series: Working Paper No. 06/55
Subject(s): Economic growth | China | Labor productivity | Data analysis | China, People's Republic of