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November 2018
Title: Casting Light on Central Bank Digital Currencies
Author/Editor: Tommaso Mancini Griffoli,Maria Soledad Martinez Peria,Vikram Haksar,Dong He,Giovanni Dell'Ariccia
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 18/08
Date: November 13, 2018
October 2018
Title: Gender, Technology, and the Future of Work
Author/Editor: Mariya Brussevich,Era Dabla-Norris,Christine Kamunge,Pooja Karnane,Salma Khalid,Kalpana Kochhar
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 18/07
Date: October 08, 2018
Title: Economic Gains From Gender Inclusion : New Mechanisms, New Evidence
Author/Editor: Jonathan David Ostry,Jorge Alvarez,Raphael A Espinoza,Chris Papageorgiou
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 18/06
Date: October 08, 2018
September 2018
Title: Women in Finance: A Case for Closing Gaps
Author/Editor: Ratna Sahay,Martin Cihak
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 18/05
Date: September 17, 2018
April 2018
Title: Second-Generation Fiscal Rules : Balancing Simplicity, Flexibility, and Enforceability
Author/Editor: Luc Eyraud,Xavier Debrun,Andrew Hodge,Victor Duarte Lledo,Catherine A Pattillo
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 18/04

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Date: April 13, 2018
March 2018
Title: A Central Fiscal Stabilization Capacity for the Euro Area
Author/Editor: Nathaniel G Arnold,Bergljot B Barkbu,H. Elif Ture,Hou Wang,Jiaxiong Yao
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 18/03
Date: March 26, 2018
February 2018
Title: Trade-offs in Bank Resolution
Author/Editor: Giovanni Dell'Ariccia,Maria Soledad Martinez Peria,Deniz O Igan,Elsie Addo Awadzi,Marc Dobler,Damiano Sandri
Date: February 09, 2018
January 2018
Title: Inequality and Poverty across Generations in the European Union
Author/Editor: Tingyun Chen,Jean-Jacques Hallaert,Alexander Pitt,Haonan Qu,Maximilien Queyranne,Alaina Rhee,Anna Shabunina,Jérôme Vandenbussche,Irene Yackovlev
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 18/01
Date: January 24, 2018

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