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February 2020
Title: Women in the Labor Force : The Role of Fiscal Policies
Author/Editor: Anna Fruttero,Daniel Gurara,Lisa L Kolovich,Vivian Malta,Marina Mendes Tavares,Nino Tchelishvili,Stefania Fabrizio
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 20/03
Date: February 16, 2020
Title: Discerning Good from Bad Credit Booms : The Role of Construction
Author/Editor: Giovanni Dell'Ariccia,Ehsan Ebrahimy,Deniz O Igan,Damien Puy
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 20/02
Notes: Technical Appendices
Date: February 12, 2020
January 2020
Title: Finance and Inequality
Author/Editor: Martin Cihak,Ratna Sahay
Series: Staff Discussion Notes No. 20/01
Date: January 17, 2020

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